very sad tonight.

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Original Post

BookWormz says

I was rejected from 1000 Markets - anyone know how they make their decisions? I've done pretty well over the last couple weeks with my little shop, although sales have just stopped over the past couple of days, so I'm not sure why they would reject me! I'd love to see if anyone else has any ideas... Thank you for lending an ear and your thoughts. :(

Posted at 11:01pm Feb 2, 2009 EST


I have heard that many people were rejected, but then kept trying and ended up being accepted later on.

Posted at 11:04pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

Sorry that you are sad...........

I gave you a heart! I think you have a great product.


Posted at 11:05pm Feb 2, 2009 EST


Posted at 11:05pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

I'm not familiar with that, but bummer for you :( Nobody hates rejection. Maybe next time....?

Posted at 11:05pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

I looked at your shop and think they made a mistake. It's their loss.

Posted at 11:07pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

BookWormz says

thanks for the support! I'm so perplexed... :) But my etsy friends are cheering me up!

Posted at 11:07pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

I got rejected for the 1000 Handmade Cards Book. At least, they never replied to me, and I didn't make the book, so I guess that meant I was rejected. LOL But, I am published elsewhere. If you put yourself out there, you will always be rejected somewhere, by someone. But, there will also be people who want you! :-)

Posted at 11:08pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

Sorry Bookwormz! Your stuff is great! They just don't know what they are missing!

Posted at 11:08pm Feb 2, 2009 EST

hairflair says

What is 1000 Markets? Is it a craft fair? Is it a trade show?

Posted at 11:08pm Feb 2, 2009 EST