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Original Post

Kill my thread (i.e. be the last person to post for 36 hours) and I will send you one pack of these
for free, free free, WHEREVER you are in the world I will mail it to you and there is no cost to you whatsover - Just a couple seconds of time to post in the thread.
Fire Away!

Posted at 12:01pm Feb 3, 2009 EST


Seriously, don't make me kill my own thread!!!

Posted at 12:12pm Feb 3, 2009 EST

quita143 says

I'll kill it for you :)

Posted at 2:09pm Feb 3, 2009 EST

How about me?! You wouldn't even have to mail it far:)

Posted at 2:37pm Feb 3, 2009 EST

quita143 says

Guess I'll just have to buy my set then ;)

Posted at 2:40pm Feb 3, 2009 EST

Lol. I was afraid to come back here and look at this thread, I thought it be buried with no one but me!

Posted at 5:22pm Feb 3, 2009 EST

I already know what I would do with them!

Posted at 9:54pm Feb 3, 2009 EST

P.S. I twittered it so maybe you will get some people that way. Although, in all reality, I'm pretty sure no one looks at my twitter!

Posted at 10:04pm Feb 3, 2009 EST