Alberta Street Team - chat thread for February.

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My artfire store - such as it is - is

Posted at 12:01pm Feb 14, 2009 EST

Can you handle yet one more spring card???

Posted at 12:25pm Feb 14, 2009 EST

Pen- you can renew the item before it expires, and it will keep it's hearts and views. I think that once it's expired, hearts and views are lost. Making it inactive, then reactivating it doesn't change its expiration date.

We can handle all the spring ANYTHING we can get! I am so done with winter. Very pretty new card! :)

Rozzie- awesome listing!!! And the haircut looks great. :D

So that completes the list- I have sent it to Cindy to send to Vicki, and I'll let everyone know when the Treasury is up. :)

Candy- congrats on the proposal! :D

New PIF-

Posted at 3:18pm Feb 14, 2009 EST I can't wait to go to Westview!

I agree...bring on Spring!!! I have massive amounts of work to do in my garden this spring but I don't care...I'm sick of snow!

The PIF idea is really great. I can't make anything for 0.20 cost but I'd like to do something to give a break to other sellers.

I think Jean is sorry he bought me this macbook for valentines as I'm cuddled on the couch with it on Valentines instead of him lol. I'll shut it down soon...maybe.

Posted at 3:57pm Feb 14, 2009 EST

rozzie says

Pen, Very nice spring card :)

Candy, Congrats!! are u engaged now?

Glass, aww lucky u got a new macbook! those are so nice, i have an OLD OLD mac powerbook (2003) but use a pc laptop these days. :)

Westview Equipment and Tools in the NE sounds awesome! i gota visit there. I also need to check out Ken's Jems.... I was referred there from Komarevich, where i've been twice this past week but havent been in years! They havce 50% off amethyst in their store FYI. :)

I got 100 boxes from, and just fyi shipping to calgary around $13. :)

Posted at 5:31pm Feb 14, 2009 EST

Thanks everyone - and thanks for the info genuinearticle (I can't remember your real name!! Sorry!!) I'm trying to decide if it's worth it in a business sense to relist those types of items or if I'm better just to let them expire and then relist from scratch closer to their season.

Rozzie - your direct link to capilano didn't work for me - I'm going to try goggling it because I'm on a public server right now and sometimes those just don't work.


Posted at 5:44pm Feb 14, 2009 EST

baloo says

Congrats Candy! Let us know when the bells will be ringing.

I agree with everyone who's sick of winter. This colder weather is making me grumpy... I want warmth.

Thanks to all the artfire updates. I'm still considering.

VD exposed: I just love seeing everyone, and have realized that I haven't posted my own here yet:

I also got a photo from a customer who had me spin some of her dog's fur. She made him a really cute sweater with it.

Posted at 7:05pm Feb 14, 2009 EST

That is adorable!!

Posted at 11:51pm Feb 14, 2009 EST

Martina- now that's a Valentine gift! :D

Selling the bracelet as a PIF definitely doesn't provide a profit, but I'm trying to get rid of old inventory as it reaches expiration. We have some older items that don't jive with our present look, and letting it go as a PIF is easier than rephotographing the item, or trying some other way of finding it a good home.

Speaking of which, it just sold! So another one bites the dust. :D

Pen- my name is Sarah, but I can't remember yours either, lol.

Baloo- that's an awesome listing! And I ADORE that little dog and his sweater! It's such a creative way to keep the little guy warm. :)

New listing! Red abalone bracelet. These pics have too much light bouncing off the beads, so I'll be taking new photos, but they'll do for now. :)

Posted at 12:42am Feb 15, 2009 EST

wow - I am behind

Congrats on the proposal Candy [if that's what you wanted, otherwise condolences ;)] I'm not a huge fan of the institution but we did it for immigration purposes & after almost 16 years I can say it's not so bad lol

Thanks for the shopping tips - I live close to Komaravich & have visited some other places in town but apparently I have to branch out more

Sarah, quit tempting me with new abalone. I'm loving the ring Jason bought from you for my Valentine's present, by the way. I've told him you have blue ones now ;)

VICKI DIANE UPDATE: she's very pleased with all your gorgeous listings & she says the Alberta Team is next in line for whenever she can get an opening in the main treasury. By my count that could be early Mon. morning our time, if she is online at the time (she's in Spain). Or it could be a few days after - treasuries are like that.
She convo'd me when she featured me, & will likely do the same for you - she promotes heavily. Like most treasuries, people will comment on the shops & specific items, but unlike most treasuries this one will probably get well over 300 views (if it is the main treasury) so she will delete earlier comments as time goes on, to let everyone have a chance. I therefore advise people to check it twice a day to see what comments have been left. If I happen to be around I will take screen shots of any really good ones.

Hope you all had a happy V-Day! I watched hockey & ate really good cheese

Posted at 1:38am Feb 15, 2009 EST