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Original Post

With the craft show circuit soon approaching, I though it would be nice for everyone to share their craft show tips for success. If you have a tip, please post it so that we can all share and learn from each others successes or failures.

Posted at 6:05am Feb 4, 2009 EST


ALWAYS have your items prices. Some people will walk off before asking a price. If you have a sale section, make sure the prices on the items are marked down. Do not just put them in a box and mark Sale!! People want to know the price!!

Posted at 6:06am Feb 4, 2009 EST

Keep your area uncluttered. Have tablecloths that reach to the ground and hide your "stash" under there. Make sure to keep your purse and valuables beside you at all times. There have been stories of parents having their children climb under the tables while they are browsing and taking wallets. Kepp you eye on your valuables!!

Posted at 6:09am Feb 4, 2009 EST

Hmm...I actually disagree with the pricing thing. By not having prices on some things, it gives me something to say to the customers. When folks are looking around my table, I say "if you find something that doesn't have a price on it, just let me know". That gets the discussion going. I like doing that better than just saying "hi" or "good morning" or whatever greeting all of the other booths have given them.

For my sale section, I like to keep the regular prices on, but have a sign that says 30% off (or whatever percentage off I'm offering). That way, they have to do the math in their head and it keeps them at my table longer. The longer they stay, usually the more they buy. I think lots of people are like me and like to see what the price was before the sale was offered.

I also don't display matching sets together on my table. I've found that most people (at least those interested in my style of goodies) find something they like and then like to look around for something to go with it. I almost always have matching pieces available. If I don't (if someone has already purchased the matching earrings, for instance), I quickly offer to make whatever they'd like and mail it to them. I then get the money up front, tack on $2.00 for shipping, and we're all set. People simply love to have things made especially for them.

Posted at 6:19am Feb 4, 2009 EST

I just thought of another. Try not to eat your lunch while customers are looking at your stuff. I would rather stave to death than have the customer think I was more interested in feeding my face than dealing with them. I know it's a pain to try to sneak bites in while no one is at your booth, but I just don't think it looks very professional to eat in front of the customers.

Posted at 6:21am Feb 4, 2009 EST

I take alot of my supplies with me and do custom orders on the spot. I have learned from experience to get payment up front or you get stuck with the "custom" order!!

Posted at 6:22am Feb 4, 2009 EST

I agree with you on eating. I try to take alot of snacks/finger foods, that can be eaten quickly with little effort. Grab a bite and go!!

Posted at 6:23am Feb 4, 2009 EST

Oh yeah...I like to take supplies along too. People will just stop and watch me work. It's fun!

Posted at 6:30am Feb 4, 2009 EST

Be positive. I've attended so many shows where the vendor next to me sits and complains all day. When someone doesn't buy and starts to walk out of my booth, I tell them "thanks" for looking and hand them a business card. And be sure your Etsy shop addresss is on it. Smile, smile, smile!!

Posted at 6:39am Feb 4, 2009 EST

feelfuzzy says

i would say as a customer i want to see the price on everything, there's nothing worse than having to go round lots of stalls and constantly ask people what price everything is!

as a seller i just try to be super friendly and talk to the customers as much as possible about my products

Posted at 6:50am Feb 4, 2009 EST