PayPal "secret backdoor" Shipping Link

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Original Post

kerrihale says

I highly recommend being already signed in to Paypal before you click that link because otherwise the first thing it asks you to do is to sign in, and if I were you, I'd be REALLY suspicious of any link anyone suggested that took you somewhere where you had to sign in. If you already signed in through your usual secure ways though, when you click the link you'll go directly to the blank shipping label.

I use it all the time when Paypal shipping goes down.

Posted at 8:32am Feb 4, 2009 EST


ooops, didnt even look, though you were asking for it

Posted at 8:34am Feb 4, 2009 EST

Marking, thank you!

Posted at 8:37am Feb 4, 2009 EST

marking, thx

Posted at 8:38am Feb 4, 2009 EST

julesbeach says

MOre great advice, Thanks!

Posted at 8:40am Feb 4, 2009 EST


Posted at 8:41am Feb 4, 2009 EST

Darn ,it worked but light packet isn't listed there which is what I use most.

Posted at 8:41am Feb 4, 2009 EST

kerrihale says

NovaScotia ~ If memory serves, I usually use "small envelope or package" which totally is in there -- hope that helps!

Posted at 8:44am Feb 4, 2009 EST

kerrihale says

First Class > Package or thick envelope

Then I do either 2 or 3 ounces, usually, as the case may be.

Posted at 8:45am Feb 4, 2009 EST