How to package/ship canvas art?

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Original Post

Hey guys, I'm fairly new to Etsy and I'm slowly starting to fill my shop! Right now I've only listed my paper goods, but I want to start listing some of my paintings (on canvas) as well. I've never sold a painting before, and I was just wondering, all you painters out there, how do you package and ship your canvas art? What's the best way to protect the artwork? Average shipping costs?

Thanks!! I really appreciate any help I can get.

-Soph :)

Posted at 8:38pm Feb 6, 2009 EST


shipping cost depends on the size. I've never sold a painting bigger than 8x10, if I'm shipping international it goes into a box for sure. But domestic packages I wrap 2 layers of thick brown shipping paper. I brace the backs of larger canvases with corregated cardboard and then double-wrap it with the brown shipping paper.

Larger canvases may require a more extensive process.

I actually wrapped a couple unpainted canvases and took them to the post office for estimates. I live in the midwest so I had them estimate shipping to L.A. and Boston figuring that was far enough away to give me a safe estimate for domestic.

So far it's worked for me.

Posted at 8:48pm Feb 6, 2009 EST

There's a company called ULine that sells corner protectors and TONS of other shipping materials.
I don't have their link handy but you could google them.

Posted at 8:49pm Feb 6, 2009 EST

crazyfunkycool - thanks! I will definitely google them!! Great advice. :)

Posted at 8:51pm Feb 6, 2009 EST

Lots of paper, bubble wrap, cardboard, and tape. Generally in that order. :)

Posted at 9:05pm Feb 6, 2009 EST

jeanhutter says

I was wondering this myself - I do paint very large canvas paintings but do not list them on Etsy because of shipping - I just sell small paintings here and those mostly on paper.

Posted at 9:12pm Feb 6, 2009 EST

I, too, was wondering!

Great thread :)

Posted at 9:19pm Feb 6, 2009 EST

I am working in a much smaller format with Pyrography, so shipping is much more simple. Back when I was shipping larger paintings, I bought my boxes from Uline. You can get great prices there. Also check out a shop called Royal Mailers (or something like that) and compare prices, sometimes they are even cheaper since they offer free shipping.

Posted at 9:23pm Feb 6, 2009 EST

Thanks for the tips!!

Posted at 9:32pm Feb 6, 2009 EST

ArtsAfire says

For larger canvases (around 24 x 30) I put cardboard against the painting and then bubble wrap and ship in a mirror box. Smaller paintings and canvas sets I just bubble wrap and put into a regular box. Shipping varies from $8 to $35 depending on the size.

Uline is the best place to get shipping materials.

Posted at 9:50pm Feb 6, 2009 EST

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