New Shop Opened Tonight =)

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Original Post

Can you honestly tell me what you all think?
What should I add?

Posted at 3:34am Feb 7, 2009 EST


FreshPaper says

I'm sorry to say that I honestly think your banner is weaker than your sample banners. I guess you can't really take a picture of a hypothetical product... Great idea, very original.

Posted at 3:35am Feb 7, 2009 EST

Thank you freshpaper. I wonder what style I should aim for?

Posted at 3:44am Feb 7, 2009 EST

I think you definitely have a wonderful idea! Banners are something that everyone is need of at LEAST once, and many more than once~ so there is definitely a demand! You are using your tags very well. Your shop name is awesome as well~ it really shows off what you sell. There are a lot of people who chose their shop name without realizing (myself included!) that they would not be able to change their name. For me, I chose my name just as a regular username generic username, complete with numbers.
For some of your listings, you have a choice of banners from a number of selections~ is it possible to put little numbers in the corners of each one in the picture, so when chooses, they can give just the number?
I am looking at this listing:
Also, you did well with putting a lot of listings on at once for the first day, to gain exposure. It is also a good idea, as time goes on, to space them out, perhaps 2 or 3 a day, so you stay fresh in the searches each day. There is a lot of competition here, and their search system for now is reverse chronolgical order, which means the most recently listed items are first. By listing a little every day, there is less of a chance to get lost in the shuffle.
Promoting off Etsy is a really good way to gain a lot of exposure~ Project Wonderful, Linkreferral, Flickr, and Twitter are my favorites.
Best wishes!

Posted at 4:01am Feb 7, 2009 EST

very informative thank you so much cymbaline84 for taking the time to write that for me =)

Posted at 4:04am Feb 7, 2009 EST

you're welcome! selling on Etsy has been a real journey, with plenty of mistakes made along the way~ i love how Etsy has a way for people to get critiqed by other people~ it really helps.

Posted at 4:23am Feb 7, 2009 EST

It sure does. My specialty is jewelry making. I started selling banners on my jewelry site and they are a huge hit, it just doesn't seem right to have banners mixed in with jewelry so I wanted to put them into a proper shop!

Posted at 5:10am Feb 7, 2009 EST

Thank you to those who bought some already. There's just something I find so fun about making these =)

Posted at 3:24am Feb 9, 2009 EST

simpson says

If I were picking one, this one I would consider

I don't see much of this type on Etsy.

Posted at 3:59am Feb 9, 2009 EST

thank you so much simpson =)

Posted at 5:17am Feb 9, 2009 EST