One sure fire way to increase your SALEs aka marketing for shy people

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Folks are forever whining and griping and complaining about low views and no sales. Well folks, I hate to break it to ya but Etsy doesn't just have a whole bunch of lovely folks with deep pockets just sitting around here waiting to throw some cash at you for that fab item you just listed. It's up to YOU to go out and drag folks over to your shop to see what's there and perhaps sling that moola your direction. So how do you do that? And how do you do that if you're on the shy side?

Well, I have found one sure fire way to increase my own views and sales and I'm going to share it with you.

First, I made gobs of small bookmarks. I printed eight to a page on cardstock from an office supply store. The have a cute picture of one of my creatures and my shop address. I cut them out then punched a hole in the top and attached a ribbon.

Then, I handed a huge stack to my Mom, Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Aunties, all my Female cousins and the Moms of my best friends.

Folks, I'm here to tell you that no one and I mean NO ONE can talk up your shop faster and better than your female relatives. Let them share their pride and joy of you with the world! They make fantastic emissaries and just think of all the folks they run into during the course of one day. And each one of these folks could possibly share your site with others. You could be more famous than Elvis!

This works just as well with business cards so go on and get some made and start handing out stacks to those ladies!

Posted at 2:59pm Feb 9, 2009 EST


FluffyFlowers that is a creative idea. I may have to try it.

Posted at 3:03pm Feb 9, 2009 EST

That is so funny-my mil so far has been my biggest promoter and just asked me for a bunch of business cards to hand out...think i better send some to my grandma too:):)

Posted at 3:05pm Feb 9, 2009 EST

Great idea. I didn't think of putting a ribbon on them, we did a similar thing but laminated them.

Posted at 3:06pm Feb 9, 2009 EST

DarkCards says

What a great idea!

Posted at 3:06pm Feb 9, 2009 EST

Best idea I have heard in a very long time for word of mouth advertising!

Posted at 3:07pm Feb 9, 2009 EST

isgood says

I have no relatives- I'm an orphan.

Posted at 3:07pm Feb 9, 2009 EST

Isn't that the truth!

My aunt gets more orders for me from the nursing home she is in than anyone! She must sit there all day and convince everyone she knows they HAVE to have something from me:)

Posted at 3:07pm Feb 9, 2009 EST

LeelaBijou says

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing it :)

Posted at 3:08pm Feb 9, 2009 EST

wirequeen says

That's a great idea. I'm always sharing info with others about scholarships, finaces, etc as well as my jewelry business. I love the idea of not always passing out business cards. This gives them somethat they will hold on to.

Thanks for the great ide.


Posted at 3:08pm Feb 9, 2009 EST