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Original Post

A couple weeks ago I posted in the Techniques and Materials forum to talk to my fellow jewelers about the pro's and con's of using the jewelry industry supplier Rio Grande vs. Otto Frei.

In this post I said I was not always satisfied with Rio Grande because of defective tools and wrong items have been sent and mostly, I felt they were over priced in many instances, so I was looking for another dependable supplier.

Now, let it be said, that I AM NOT a "return" type of girl. I don't like to return things and argue about whos fault a defect is because I am just too busy and its not worth the time on the phone with a customer service rep to me. So I have never called Rio Grande to complain, just once when the wrong chain was sent. I am someone who isnt going to freak out over crappy tools or mistaken orders but I will start to think about moving on to a different supplier of course. I don't have the time or the patience to sit on the phone over a broken $30 hammer but certainly will take note of the problem when thinking about reordering...

Ok that being said, yesterday I recieved a call from a customer service rep from Rio Grande, at my home, calling me in reguards to my comments on about their website. He then proceeded to tell me he did a search of my order history and could only find one discrepancy and couldnt understand why I wasnt happy with them. First of all, I was shocked and a little uneasy that I was recieving a call from Rio Grande about an opinion posted on Etsy. Did they do some kind of master search? To link me to an account at Rio Grande would require some time and effort to search. While the customer service rep was very nice and looking to please me I am assured, I couldnt help but feeling like I was hunted down and that my privacy was very much violated. Thats the best way to say it, I felt violated. And beyond that, it was a struggle to get him to let me off the phone until I agreed to email him. Why is it their right to call me at my home like that? What i said in the forums was hardly a blip on the radar in a total of 11 post thread however Im getting a call from them at my home like I started some sort of an up roar?

I understand that in a strange way they were trying to "make me happy" which was the term the rep kept using however I feel like this is totally out of line. I am still a customer of Rio grande but I have to say after this attempt to correct past order defects which I never called or made a stink about by searching for an account that matched my name and then calling me at home made me think twice. It's beyond creepy to get a phone call like that and I really feel like it is way over stepping their bounds. Has anyone else ever had an experience like this? I am beyond shocked and appauled by this practice from a company like Rio Grande.

The rep made mention of Rio Grande being the kings of customer service and they will stop at nothing to please their customers...but to me, this is a totally wrong way to go about it. I have not yet decided if I will remain a customer of Rio Grande after this, what would you do?

Posted at 9:35am Feb 10, 2009 EST


craziness....i'd find somewhere else to shop!

Posted at 9:37am Feb 10, 2009 EST

That's a little creepy. I think that I would definitely feel like my privacy was violated.

Posted at 9:37am Feb 10, 2009 EST

wow, that is creepy. i couldn't imagine trolling about to find out what my past customers really thought about me.

I would have trouble remaining a customer after that, but that's me.

Posted at 9:38am Feb 10, 2009 EST

How weird, I agree, not appropriate at all! Would love to know how they knew that?

Posted at 9:38am Feb 10, 2009 EST

Wow, that is creepy.

Posted at 9:38am Feb 10, 2009 EST

Uh oh, you might get another call because of this post!

I agree, it's a bit forward to call because of your comments made online. If it was me, I'd consider how much I buy from them, if I could find another distributor, etc.

Posted at 9:39am Feb 10, 2009 EST

That's definetly a little scary! I don't think I'd buy from them any more.

Posted at 9:39am Feb 10, 2009 EST

mtcoffinz says

They probably had a google alert which means they will get this message too.

Posted at 9:39am Feb 10, 2009 EST

That's incredibly creepy.

I guess the lesson to take away from this is that nothing that's posted on the Internet is ever private.

Posted at 9:39am Feb 10, 2009 EST