Dangerous Books for Boys and Girls

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Original Post

I don't know if it will help much, but I have decided to post pictures of my vintage (now hazardous) children's books on my blog to give people a better idea of exactly what is being banned. I will post the link here when I start getting them up there.

If you would like to contribute to my blog, regarding CPSIA, send me a convo! I would like to do a couple interviews and post some more pictures of vintage books.

Posted at 2:13am Feb 18, 2009 EST


what is your blog? post it so we can see.

Posted at 2:15am Feb 18, 2009 EST

Someone started a flickr group too www.flickr.com/groups/cpsiabooks/

Posted at 2:23am Feb 18, 2009 EST

urban, will post once I get the photos up there.

Thanks, Meredith! I'm glad to see someone else had a similar idea.

Posted at 2:35am Feb 18, 2009 EST

Okay, I uploaded my photos to the Flickr group and will start adding them to my blog another day (it's getting rather late).

Posted at 3:22am Feb 18, 2009 EST

lesthings says

First,sorry for my ignorance about this law:
What's the problem with these books,the chemical composition of the paper or the inks used?
Could you sell them if they were for adults?

Posted at 5:36am Feb 18, 2009 EST

I am 71. I survived! I survived the dangerous books, the pearl buttons, the little banks, all of it!!! I survived years of two smoking parents. As a child we made mudpies, no play dough. I have survived all the airliners flying overhead everyday and spilling out whatever. I have survived all the truck fumes from all the everyday traffic. I have made it through electrical storms, snow storms, blackouts, heat waves. I have survived all the emotional challenges that have come along thoughout a lifetime. I am a tough old bird!!!

Any "danger" would come from the content of the books. But think of all the great lessons you can learn from these books and all the great stories to treasure. Generations of Americans have survived the books, treasured them! Just because Nancy Nord, the CPSC and with the help of Congress have declared them dangerous, I say baloney!!! Millions of Americans don't feel that way. Factor in some reality and common sense, keep fighting to get the law brought up to speed, and learn from their content and enjoy them!!! Store them until the law is changed. Sell something else!!!!

Posted at 8:15am Feb 18, 2009 EST

12Step says

Not just individuals, libraries are about to get the shaft too...



Posted at 8:18am Feb 18, 2009 EST

magicjelly says

I'm in Australia, so please forgive my ignorance, but can someone please explain this madness to me? I collect first edition golden books from the 50s & 60s. Does this mean they won't be sold in the US anymore? And what's going to happen to them?

Posted at 8:21am Feb 18, 2009 EST

LaurieRyan says

I remember all the books my son used to have and he spent hours reading them and I refuse to believe that they were hadazous as he is very successful now that he is grown and very well adjusted.

Posted at 8:25am Feb 18, 2009 EST