♥ TradeAHolics Chat Thread - Feb/Mar 2009 ♥

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Original Post

Hi gang!

Here's our new chat/trade thread for February and March! :)

♥ Don't forget to check out the blog for our Spring Scavenger Hunt planning details: etsytradeaholics.blogspot.com

♥ THANKS to everyone who participated in the Trade and STAY Valentine's Event! now we know who our TRUE tradeaholics are!

♥ MEMBERSHIP is CLOSED... and the lists on the blogs are slowly being updated. i have sent a email/welcome message to our newbies - if you did not get one, please let me know so i can add you to the mailing list! please note that the member list here on etsy is updated by etsy, so i don't have any control over that!

Anyway, settle in, grab some coffee/chai/milk/fudge/baked goods/what have you, and chat with us! and don't be afraid to trade!!!!

Posted at 7:01am Feb 18, 2009 EST


Salsagal says

hey muffin :)

Posted at 7:23am Feb 18, 2009 EST

hey salsa! :)

you're always up early to keep me company!

Posted at 7:34am Feb 18, 2009 EST

pennyspug says


Posted at 7:35am Feb 18, 2009 EST

Salsagal says

oh early to bed early to rise here lol

Posted at 7:38am Feb 18, 2009 EST

Hey all, I missed the end due to the time difference. still working on trades and making a list for next time. I need that beer soap, muddy, lol.

Posted at 8:08am Feb 18, 2009 EST

do you need the beer soap...or just a beer? LOL

Posted at 9:11am Feb 18, 2009 EST

laurali says

Good morning :-). The TnS was so much fun! I had a great time. One more to ship today.

Posted at 9:20am Feb 18, 2009 EST

Wheezies says

Had a blast! Thanks everyone!

Posted at 9:26am Feb 18, 2009 EST

hi all. dying to see who the Trade Ho is! lol.

Posted at 10:34am Feb 18, 2009 EST