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Original Post

Hello everyone,

I am actually struggling to find what I am looking for easily. I know ETSY is not gooogle but search here doesn't work properly as the things which appear at the top are the ones which were recently refreshed but in most of the cases they do not have anything to do with the word(s) you enter to search for.

How are you finding it? Just try to search for something specific youi would buy and see yourself!

Posted at 8:59am Feb 19, 2009 EST


I searched for something, and most was not what I was looking for, but the words I typed in were either in the title or tag.

Posted at 9:02am Feb 19, 2009 EST

Nickileigh says

I have found that using quotes around what you are looking for will bring the best results. Without the quotes, the etsy search pulls in everything related to those tags.

So if you searched for stuffed animal, you would likely get paintings and photos of animals as well as maybe a few stuffies along the way. Now, if you typed in "stuffed animal" the only products that would come up in the search would be the ones with that as one of their tags, making the search a little more plausible.

Posted at 9:02am Feb 19, 2009 EST

eavesdrop says

I've heard others mention the same thing but I personally have never had a problem with finding what I'm looking for. Well, except the occasional (ahem.) mis-tag.

Posted at 9:02am Feb 19, 2009 EST

DCHStudio says

I am amazed how bad the tags are for items.

Posted at 9:02am Feb 19, 2009 EST

Does that mean that there should be more guidance on the tags for etsians? I searched for kinomo but search gave me scarves! The only relation being silk between the 2 unrelated topics...hmmm.

Posted at 9:03am Feb 19, 2009 EST

LaurieRyan says

yes I find it in the forums every time

Posted at 9:03am Feb 19, 2009 EST

Nickileigh, I didn't think of using quotes. I usually just type away!

Posted at 9:04am Feb 19, 2009 EST

wildhare says

I had trouble the other day. I searched for felting needles under "all", and came up with hundreds of listings of felted items, items made from felt, felted kits, and wool fiber for felting. I narrowed it to supplies and put quotes around it and got just the kits and - finally - the needles I was looking for. Popped over to ebay and searched "felting needles" and, gosh golly, I got felting needles off the bat! As a seller who's been here several months, I know how to narrow down to find what I'm looking for, but I worry that buyers won't do that, but will get frustrated and jump ship.

Posted at 9:05am Feb 19, 2009 EST

Nickileigh says

No worries, i did not think of using them in the beginning. However, I got so fed up looking for green tea (I was making a treasury) that i used quotes and it made things so much easier.

Posted at 9:05am Feb 19, 2009 EST