Why would you NOT buy from me?

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Original Post

Tell me anything that would stop you, please!


Posted at 9:17am Feb 23, 2009 EST


Wow, I'm like really feeling hated this morning - even MORE than usual..


Posted at 9:20am Feb 23, 2009 EST

OK, so tell me why you hate me. That'll help too!

Posted at 9:22am Feb 23, 2009 EST

your art isn't really my style - it looks almost blurry. Not in a bad way, just not what I go for.

Posted at 9:22am Feb 23, 2009 EST

It's a start. Thank you, Chaotic. VERY much!

Posted at 9:22am Feb 23, 2009 EST

Usually everyone tells me how GREAT it is, then they don't buy it.

I would LOVE lots of honestly here!

Posted at 9:23am Feb 23, 2009 EST

It was a little scarry to me. I like calmer looking stuff.

Posted at 9:24am Feb 23, 2009 EST

Thank you, AllPatterns!

Posted at 9:25am Feb 23, 2009 EST

Anyone else? Please?

Posted at 9:26am Feb 23, 2009 EST

I like your shop! The economy is real weird right now. Maybe many people are unable to throw down $25 total (with shipping) for a piece of art. Even if it is beautiful.

Posted at 9:27am Feb 23, 2009 EST