Looking for artists to feature in my blog

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Original Post

Here is a link to my blog....


on tuesday march 3rd I will be featuring 10 different artists/crafters

please post an item you would like feautred! the top ten get a spot on my blog!

Posted at 2:05pm Feb 25, 2009 EST


roses7184 says

Oh wow what a great opportunity! I would love a feature for this little guy!


Posted at 2:06pm Feb 25, 2009 EST

hes adorable!

Posted at 2:08pm Feb 25, 2009 EST

Oh I'm so interested! How about something for Mother's Day:

Posted at 2:10pm Feb 25, 2009 EST

BOWquet says

Enter our giveaway:

Posted at 2:11pm Feb 25, 2009 EST

oh do i count?

i would love to be featured :)


Posted at 2:11pm Feb 25, 2009 EST

I would love to be considered for the opportunity to be featured on your blog!
This would be my pic for it!

Thank you!

Posted at 2:12pm Feb 25, 2009 EST

Everyone counts! I am going to view as many items as possible and narrow down to 10.

That mothers day theme sounds good. but I was also thinking a kids theme!something for kids!

Posted at 2:12pm Feb 25, 2009 EST

if its from a kids angle, I do portrait work,

outside of etsy... www.wix.com/thecuriousrabbit/photography

not sure if thats better for you?

Posted at 2:15pm Feb 25, 2009 EST