YUDU screen printing ink contains lead

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Original Post

Hey folks, I just finished up another batch of testing for various stores here on Etsy and decided to test my new YUDU screen printing inks (before I start printing tees for kids) and they are 700ppm - 800ppm! I'm glad I tested them before making up some tees! Does anyone know about Speedball inks?

Posted at 12:10pm Feb 28, 2009 EST


quirkybags says

No way!

So that means they can't be used for kids items that you plan to sell, right?

Posted at 12:19pm Feb 28, 2009 EST

Yep, it really stinks! I was all geared up to make some great tees. Oh well, more testing......

Posted at 12:23pm Feb 28, 2009 EST

quirkybags says

There are other threads here about the Yudu. Maybe you should post your results there so people are aware. I imagine that there are sellers that planned to make kids items with the system.

Thanks for posting this warning.

Posted at 12:27pm Feb 28, 2009 EST

I'll do that right now :)

Posted at 12:28pm Feb 28, 2009 EST

Smartmama tested some and was posting on twitter. I don't think she knew what brand the inks were but certain colors tested higher.

Posted at 12:33pm Feb 28, 2009 EST

WOW! really! yikes!

Posted at 12:41pm Feb 28, 2009 EST

I had read somewhere that the Cricut which also uses ink was made by the same company as the YUDU screen printing ink. I am wondering if anyone has tested the ink used in the cricut machine.

I was wanting to buy it real soon, but I may have to put it off till I know if the ink passes the CPSIA lead standards.

Posted at 4:31pm Feb 28, 2009 EST

are you kidding me? I meant to go to a demo to check the machine out today.

Posted at 4:33pm Feb 28, 2009 EST

Go to www.dharmatrading.com they have Nontoxic inks for everything you can think of.

Posted at 4:52pm Feb 28, 2009 EST