My 20 Quick tips for the Handmade Blogger!

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Original Post

My top 20 tips for handmade blogging success

1. Be interesting: make sure you keep your readers attention with new and fresh info..But be your self!

2. Get your point across: the coolest newest looking blog ,your grammar, and spelling all mean nothing if you are not getting your point across.

3. Keep your steam: when you buildup some steam keep it… press on.

4. Keywords: find out what your readers want to know about, and write about that.

5. Track your stats: keeping tabs on your stats will help

6. Celebrate successes: talk about your own success and your readers will celebrate with you.

7. Ask questions: learn from questions asked

8. Poll your readers:

9. Comment: leave comments on other blogs and answer comments on your own blog

10. It’s not about you: your blog is about your readers

11. Keep on tweaking: Make things fresh and new

12. Be different: you have to stand out on the crowd, so do something different

13. Interview: look for other bloggers and artists

14. Guest blog: find other blogs to guest blog…..

15. Take on guest bloggers: open your blog to other bloggers.

16. Never loose your passion: make your blog your passion not a chore;

17. Use Twitter: connect and learn from others

18. Be consistent: post 5-6 times per week

19: Be committed: you know what I mean!!

20: Have fun: if you are not having fun it is not worth it… find out how to bring the fun back!

I have been blogging for over 2 years in the Handmade scene. I recently just hit the 400,000+ page view and 200,000+ visitor mark for all my combined blogs. Here are my 5 essential tips for blogging in the Handmade scene.

Down load my FREE article/pdf called: 5 Essential Tips for Handmade Bloggers



How do you gain traffic to your blog?

Posted at 8:06am Mar 1, 2009 EST


Fishstikks says

Lots of interesting things to read about here!
Thanks Timothy!

Posted at 8:22am Mar 1, 2009 EST

you're welcome!

Posted at 8:24am Mar 1, 2009 EST

You rock Timothy!!

Posted at 8:24am Mar 1, 2009 EST

oh and these are not really in any particular order!

Posted at 8:25am Mar 1, 2009 EST

meluseena says

Hmmm... I love your posts Timothy!
There is one thing I don't agree with though.. The blogging frequency. I have a big blogroll that I access on my GoogleReader, and bloggers who post more than 3 times a week tend to get booted because keeping up with them is kind of a chore.... it's kind of tricky!

Conversely, blogs I absolutely <3 post twice or once a week, so when I see their blog names nestled in their among the 'new', I rush to them keenly! Part of the reason why they feel so special is because they blog occasionally.. with anything from giveaways, to art updates, to info on their business... if they posted all the time the novelty would wear off prontissimo.

I wouldn't advise anyone to blog more than twice a week.

Posted at 8:28am Mar 1, 2009 EST

Great tips, I've only been blogging since September but I've gotten really addicted to it. I was nominated recently for Best Irish Business blog, and that drove a lot of traffic to my site. I also post links on facebook, and have a monthly giveaway.
Most of all I really love doing it.

Posted at 8:37am Mar 1, 2009 EST

Wow! Thanks! Check out my post today on designing your own creative space...TWELVE studios featured!

Posted at 8:43am Mar 1, 2009 EST

maybeads says

Thanks, Timothy. As a newbie blogger, this really helps!

Posted at 8:44am Mar 1, 2009 EST

Hi Timothy! Thanks for taking the time with this great advice! I'm supposed to bite the bullet and start mine up tonight! When you say in #10 "It's not about you - it's about your readers", I guess I don't get it. Care to elaborate?

Posted at 8:44am Mar 1, 2009 EST