♥Team GIVEAWAY! Enter to WIN over $150 in prizes +sales in shops. Ends 3/17

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Original Post

Lucky Charms

Come by our blog and find all the lucky charms for your chance to win prizes! Theres over $150 of merchandise being given away from members of our team (Plus a ton of awsome sales!). AND there will be 3 winners! Enter between 3/3 and 3/17 midnight PST. (For more details on how to play, read the next post)

US only 18+.

To enter head to out blog:



First place (first randomly drawn): Wins first pick and gets to choose 9 of the prizes being offered.

Second place (Second randomly drawn): wins second pick out of the remining prizes and gets to pick 6 of the prizes being offered.

Thrid place: Gets all of the remining 5 prizes being offered.

(Possible: 4th place, if there are any left over prizes that the 3rd place can't use then 1 extra person will get some prizes).

List of prizes: lefpreviews.blogspot.com/


On top of all the awsome prizes, you can get Sales and discounts from all the participating shops! Sales good from March 3rd - March 17th

To find all the discounts head to our blog


Shops offering awsome discounts:



For information on Team Etsyfriends


Visit the EtsyFriends:


To find items by EtsyFriends use the tag "etsyfriends team"

And if you would like to find our most current team thread, search for "EtsyFriends" in the Forum Posts.

If you are an EtsyFriend member and didnt get posted this particular event you can not come in late to. I can get your sale listed but you wont be able to join the rest of the activity.

Posted at 3:06am Mar 3, 2009 EST


Details on how to play:

Its easy!

Step 1: Head to out blog www.efpromotions.blogspot.com/
Step 2: Click on the "Enter contest" buttons and it will bring up the form.
Step 3: Open a new window. On the form you will see shop addresses (Like Tagsandbuttons.etsy.com) copy and paste the address in the new window and look through the items in their shop (There is a hint next to all the shops as to where the charm is placed)
Step 4: Seach through the shops for the Lucky Charm picture (you can see what the image is here i41.tinypic.com/a4c512.jpg )
Step 5: when you find the Lucky Charm picture on an item in a shop, copy and paste the title of that item or link into the empty field to the right of the shop
Step 6: repeat for all the shops on the form and submit

You will get a responce from me after I read your submission, if it is correct you will be entered to win the prizes. If you have any incorrect answers you will have 3 more tries to get it right.

Posted at 3:06am Mar 3, 2009 EST

My sale: Get 100 1" custom buttons or flat backs (with 100 free bags) for $18. The normal price is $23. (Note this price does not include shipping). To get this sale, send me a convo and ill set up a listing for you. No limit on how many sets you can get.

Posted at 3:07am Mar 3, 2009 EST

whooo hooo. Giveaway, sales, and scavenger hunt... Sounds like a fun Tuesday!

Posted at 3:13am Mar 3, 2009 EST

My Sale: Get FREE shipping on your order. To get this sale, mention "FREESwan" in the 'note to seller' section at checkout and wait for revised invoice or purchase and shipping will be refunded through paypal.

Don't forget to look for my hidden lucky charms and enter to win some awesome prizes!

Posted at 3:14am Mar 3, 2009 EST

List of prizes: lefpreviews.blogspot.com/
OMG over $150 in value!! Seriously!! These prizes are too cool to pass up!

Posted at 3:26am Mar 3, 2009 EST

Up to the top!

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity!

Posted at 4:03am Mar 3, 2009 EST

Carapace says

Really, you don't even have to do the copy-and-paste to open up new shops. Just right-click and select "open in background tab". Eh, walla!:D Super easy scavenger hunt fun!

Posted at 5:37am Mar 3, 2009 EST

ysy! :D

Posted at 7:06am Mar 3, 2009 EST

Here my Lucky charms sale: 10% off all my sexy wears and items in my shop, just mention mar09 in note to seller and I will send you a revised invoice from paypal. Don't forget to search my shop for my lucky charm. Happy scavenging, and good luck.

Posted at 7:09am Mar 3, 2009 EST