*****Donations for Zachary Michael Cruz*****

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You may have already seen this in Etc:


One of our Etsy Members, Jodie Cruz, has just lost her 5 year old son Zachary last Friday to an accident at a crosswalk. I've decided to help and get the help of other Etsians to donate an item from your shop to help defer costs of the funeral. You can also visit this site to donate to help the family:
*The sidebar has a paypal*

*If you wish to donate an item for Zachary, put an announcement in your shop and then in the title of the item, put 'For Zachary'. Also tag the item 'Zacharys Fund'.*

Thanks to all you participated in our other thread that had to be closed by admin. We are not allowed to solicit for donations or money in the forums...but we are allowed to do a post to direct people to the shops that want to donate one of their items (all proceeds will be donated to the site above) or have a sale with a percentage donated.

Let's help keep this thread going. Do not post an item in this thread, but feel free to leave a link to your shop.

Posted at 4:59pm Mar 4, 2009 EST


I've already sold my donated items, but I wanted to bump for the others! :) Let's keep this at the top!

Posted at 5:08pm Mar 4, 2009 EST

Thanks Rain!

Posted at 5:11pm Mar 4, 2009 EST

Here's the link to my shop:

Posted at 5:12pm Mar 4, 2009 EST

PussDaddy says

Thanks for trying again, kooky.

Posted at 5:15pm Mar 4, 2009 EST

PussDaddy says

I also wrote to admin for clarification on how to do this as I see an active thread right now that is outright asking for donations. Maybe they will answer back.

Posted at 5:17pm Mar 4, 2009 EST

Well, I'm all for helping this cause Pam!

This family needs our help. Funerals and travel expenses are very expensive.

In our other thread, we had around 50 shops participating. I hope these shops will still help!

Posted at 5:19pm Mar 4, 2009 EST

yes, that would be helpful if Admin would clarify why some donation pages are allowed to stay open and others are not.

it is puzzling!

Posted at 5:22pm Mar 4, 2009 EST

I'm hoping all the people that had items up for donation will post a link here to their shops!

Posted at 5:33pm Mar 4, 2009 EST