ANGELS for christiecottage.. come look, post and share PT.4

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RaeOfLight says

Ah to be almost 4.

Posted at 8:36am Mar 10, 2009 EDT

morning everyone. Here is my new crocheted belt.

Posted at 8:39am Mar 10, 2009 EDT

anyone here today?

Posted at 8:39am Mar 10, 2009 EDT

RaeOfLight says

Hi Wrapped..............very neat belt. We are here...just waking up.

Posted at 8:41am Mar 10, 2009 EDT

i'm here wrapped love your belt as a matter of fact i'm hearting it

Posted at 8:42am Mar 10, 2009 EDT

will return shortly need to do a few things

Posted at 8:43am Mar 10, 2009 EDT

thank you Deb. I'm making another one. I'm gonna work on it at lunch since I'm at work. I'm happy with that belt.
And yes that picture is me.

Posted at 8:43am Mar 10, 2009 EDT

Hey Deborah you do all of the great soap cupcakes and whipped soap!! I will probabley get a soap cupcake or two from you in a day or so. I don't do those and they look so cool!!

Posted at 8:52am Mar 10, 2009 EDT

made it, good morning all!

Posted at 8:53am Mar 10, 2009 EDT

Be back later. I'm at work today.

Posted at 8:54am Mar 10, 2009 EDT