Talking Product with Etsy’s VP of Product Sara Hicks (March 11)

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Original Post

Sara Hicks, Etsy's VP of Product, has provided an update about current and upcoming feature development for Etsy in the early part of 2009. Sara elaborates on the priorities Maria (Etsy's CEO) mentioned in her recent "Talking Shop" article.

Please visit Etsy's blog, The Storque to read Sara's update from Etsy's Product Team:

Posted at 11:53am Mar 11, 2009 EDT


We welcome your comments and questions about Sara's article in the related discussion thread:

Posted at 11:53am Mar 11, 2009 EDT

Dear sellers,

In my "Talking Product" post from March 11 ( ), I wrote that we would offer a new seller tool in April: Rearrange Items in Your Shop. We're still planning to launch this feature, but it's taken us a bit longer than we anticipated. This is one of our highest priority projects, and it's important to us that we get it right. We anticipate beta testing will start in the near future.

When we launch this feature, we'll provide an update in Etsy's blog, The Storque, in the Forums and via the Etsy News email. We're excited to be working on this feature and eager to get this in your hands. Thanks for your continued patience.

I also wanted to let you know that we're going to try a new format for the periodic series of updates from Maria, Chad, Matt & me. We'll be taking questions from the community and creating a group audio podcast. You can read more about that from Maria in the blog:


Posted at 5:03pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT