I Need Photos of your Handmade Clothing for CBS News

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Original Post

adam says

Hi All,

Adam the press guy here. I need high resolution photos of your awesome handmade CLOTHING to send to CBS News for **possible** inclusion in an upcoming story.

1. There is no guarantee that the photos will be used.

2. If they do use your photo, there is no guarantee that your shop will be credited. But I will send everything I receive, along with your shop address.

3. By sending me your photos, you are giving CBS permission to use them.

If you got this far, here's the rest:

Please send two high resolution photos to adam@etsy.com with the subject line "CBS Photos". Also include your shop address.

High Resolution means 300 dpi, and at least 3" x 5" in size. Or larger. Photo format does not matter, jpeg, tiff, whatever.

I will not be able to respond to all of the emails, so just presume that I got it, please don't send it twice.


Posted at 3:36pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT


AlloverArt says

Now I wish I made clothing. :)

Posted at 3:37pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT

Me too allover!

Posted at 3:38pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT

Ack all my pics are formatted per etsy's guidelines

Posted at 3:39pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT

Wow, cool opportunity! I'm going to forward this thread to one of my fave clothing shops...


Posted at 3:40pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT

wildhare says

Are you just looking for sewn items, or do knitted/crocheted/felted accessories like scarves and hats qualify?

Posted at 3:44pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT

PoPkO says

is a butterfly necklace clothing? hengh. how cool!

Posted at 3:45pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT

wildhare said:
Are you just looking for sewn items, or do knitted/crocheted/felted accessories like scarves and hats qualify?

wants to know too.....

Posted at 3:46pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT

How exciting! Crystal can't you fuse up some underware? lol. I wonder, a bead bra perhaps? :D

Posted at 3:47pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT

PoPkO says

ahahahaha! yeah, what about glass panties? you crack me up susan..

Posted at 3:48pm Mar 12, 2009 EDT