What is geekery?

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Original Post

Just wondering what the tag "geekery" means?

Posted at 3:04pm Mar 15, 2009 EDT


Montagyoo says

stuff for geeks...?

Posted at 3:06pm Mar 15, 2009 EDT

Things that have geeky aspects to them.

For example, an item that references Dungeons and Dragons, or Star Wars, or Ghostbusters, or a comic book, would be considered geekery.

Sometimes it also refers to old toys that grown-ups might remember from their childhood, like vintage-style Lego.

Posted at 3:07pm Mar 15, 2009 EDT

lizstaley says

Things for geeks/nerds, like science themed item, gaming, anime, computers, etc! I have a lot of geekery stuff- I'm a nerd myself. LOL

Posted at 3:08pm Mar 15, 2009 EDT

It is an oft-misused tag, unfortunately ... I find it a hard category to browse because there are so many things in it that don't belong.

Posted at 3:08pm Mar 15, 2009 EDT

BeansThings says:
Would these:



Well, someone could be considered an environment geek ... but I personally wouldn't put them in geekery.

Posted at 3:09pm Mar 15, 2009 EDT

id say they were geekery, yes.

Posted at 3:09pm Mar 15, 2009 EDT

hmmmmm...guess i should just leave the geekery tag off....to be safe

Posted at 3:10pm Mar 15, 2009 EDT

I'd suggest looking at the Geek Chic gift guide to get an idea of what belongs in geekery:


Posted at 3:12pm Mar 15, 2009 EDT