Official Creative Challenge # 118

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Here's the rules. Anyone is allowed to participate, but please, only post new items that you have created for the challenge. You can either list them on Etsy or on Flickr.

This week's challenge is opposites. Make something involving opposite values, opposite colours, shapes, size, or whatever opposite idea you come up with, have fun!

A new challenge will not be posted until Monday, March 30, by Jewelstreet, though this is not a deadline. If you are running behind, feel free to post an older challenge item in the newest challenge thread.

Posted at 10:59am Mar 16, 2009 EDT


Sounds like a fun challenge--I'll try to get to this one!

Cindy, I really liked the ring you came up with for the last challenge!

Posted at 11:53am Mar 17, 2009 EDT

Thanks Crafty :) dying to see what everyone else came up with, and what this one will drum up!

Posted at 1:24pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT

I took the easy road on this challenge:

Posted at 1:52pm Mar 18, 2009 EDT

Very cool and very quickly done!

Posted at 8:28pm Mar 18, 2009 EDT

erm, hello anyone?
Ok well I finally got my life back to normal (well normal for me) and finished this challenge:

Without being too full of myself I think these might be the best thing in my shop.

Posted at 2:41pm Apr 19, 2009 EDT

Cindy---those are stunning earrings! I love the black/white theme & the shell pieces you used!

Posted at 5:54pm Apr 22, 2009 EDT

cheezombie says

The beadwork on the flowers and the earrings is amazing! I don't have anything opposite yet...

Posted at 6:04pm Apr 22, 2009 EDT

Thanks Crafty and Cheezombie!

Posted at 11:29am Apr 23, 2009 EDT

New Challenge only a month behind schedule!

Posted at 6:11pm Apr 27, 2009 EDT