Paper Twirlies Team Blog Giveaway for March • WEEK TWO •

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Original Post

Welcome to the Etsy Paper Twirlies Team first blog giveaway which will run through the month of March. Each week a unique quilled item will be given away, this weeks winner will receive a lovely gold bookmark with beads and quilled shamrock, and an abstract quilled poppies card.

We're going to keep it fairly easy, the rules are as follows:

• Visit the 9 shops that make up the papertwirlies team:










• Visit our blog and leave a comment on your favorite quilled item and the shop that you found it in - you can have as many favorites as you'd like (we're hoping you will). Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you're the winner.

• It's that easy, you will automatically be entered into the drawing for a free prize

• Week one will have one free gift, week two - two free gifts, and the last week will have 3 free gifts so keep coming back throughout the month of March. The contest will run from Tuesday to Saturday with the closing at 6 pm each Saturday. We ask that you only enter once per week.

Have fun browsing through our shops and good luck!

Posted at 7:36am Mar 17, 2009 EDT


it's amazing to see what can be created with paper, come check us out

Posted at 9:16am Mar 17, 2009 EDT

quilled paper dragon, one of my favorites

Posted at 9:20am Mar 17, 2009 EDT

who feels like a free gift - or make that two free gifts this week, come check us out

Posted at 9:40am Mar 17, 2009 EDT

Great prizes this week!

Posted at 10:09am Mar 17, 2009 EDT

TWO PRIZES!!! Yippppppeeee!! Visit our blog to win!

Posted at 10:17am Mar 17, 2009 EDT

Two beautiful prizes for this week.
I wonder who will be our lucky winner.

Posted at 10:19am Mar 17, 2009 EDT

IguanaMakeIt and QuillyNilly, beautiful prizes!

Posted at 11:21am Mar 17, 2009 EDT


Posted at 11:22am Mar 17, 2009 EDT