Second Chance BNS - Day 143 (hey, that's "I love you!") *1021 Sales*

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Original Post

aromalite says

Make sales and friends!
The rules are simple!

-Make a purchase from any of the shops on today's list and you'll be put on tomorrow's list for 24 hours, no matter how many sales you have!
-This is called the Second Chance BNS for a reason: If you don't have a sale the first 24 hours on the list, your shop will be put on the list the next day.
-Shops on their "Second Chance" will be indicated with a (SC) next to their shop name.
-Buy from an SC shop at any time during the thread and earn an extra day!
-$3 MINIMUM PER TRANSACTION (BEFORE SHIPPING) For example, if you buy from two different shops, you must spend $3 at each shop for them both to count!
-You don't have to worry about calling out who you're shopping from before you purchase!
-Buy from multiple shops to increase your days on the list. Buying multiple items from the same shop will only count as one transaction.
-You MUST post the proper clickable link to the transaction link for your purchase in order for me to secure your spot. [No transaction link, no spot]
-Each list will run from 11pm-11pm! DO NOT UPDATE OR ALTER THE LIST to add or remove shops, I will take care of any changes and get the new list posted every day :]
-PLEASE ONLY PROMOTE YOUR SHOP IF YOU ARE ON THE CURRENT LIST! If you have bought on and will be on the next list, please wait until the new list is posted [at 11PM Etsy Time] before you promote yourself. [Sorry to be a pain aobut this, but we keep having problems with people buying from shops that aren't on the list because those shops are promoting themselves all the time].

Only ONE shop per line will be posted.
If you have more than one shop, you must make separate purchases with each of your shops that you would like listed.



If you bring (refer) a new shop to the list, you will be rewarded with an extra day! Just 3 little rules:

1. The referred shop can't be one that is already on today's list, but old friends count!

2. The referred shop has to make a purchase, $3 minimum

3. The referred shop has to let us know that YOU brought them here.

There is no limit to how many shops you can refer, or how many free days you can earn :D

That's it! Now let's get shopping! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :D
1021 Sales so far!

Today's Shops:

2. (SC)
3. (24)
4. (25)
5. (15)
6. (SC)(21)
7. (SC)(9)
8. (130)
9. (23)
10. (12)
11. (24)
12. (14)
13. (25)
14. (125)
15. (26)
16. (SC)(1)
17. (6)
18. (SC)(3)
19. (14)
20. (4)
21. (SC)(1)
22. (48)
23. (23)
24. (3)
25. (SC)(3)
26. (SC)(40)
27. (7)
28. (SC)(3)
29. (SC)(4)
30. (SC)(22)
31. (SC)(18)
32. (SC)(6)
33. (9)
34. (SC)(10)
35. (18)
36. (123)
37. (6)
38. (SC)(4)
39. (SC)(9)
40. (SC)(2)
41. (SC)(5)
42. (SC)(3)
43. (14)
44. (3)
45. (1)
46. (2)
47. (6)
48. (SC)(4)
49. (SC)(7)
50. (20)
51. (SC)(2)
52. (1)
53. (2)

Posted at 11:01pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT


What time is the frenzy tomorrow roma!

Posted at 11:02pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT

Yay, new thread!

Posted at 11:02pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT

aromalite says

The Wednesday FRENZY will be from:

8-10pm EST
7-9pm CST
6-8pm MST
5-7pm PST

Posted at 11:02pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT

HA I WON!!! WOOHOO!! lol

ok be back later! hehe

Posted at 11:02pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT

aromalite says

check out our thread title today :D

Posted at 11:02pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT

aromalite says

<--- has "143" engraved in her wedding ring.

Hubby has "1432"


Posted at 11:03pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT

I was just going to ask!

Posted at 11:03pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT

Some sort of code????

Posted at 11:04pm Mar 17, 2009 EDT