♥ TradeAHolics' Chat Thread - March/April 2009 ♥

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Original Post

Hi gang!

Here's our new chat/trade thread for the rest of March and April!

♥ Don't forget to check out the blog for updates and the crowning of our new Trade Princess! etsytradeaholics.blogspot.com

♥ THANKS to everyone who participated in the March Trade and STAY... maybe we should do one every couple of months???? :)

♥ The lists on the blogs are still being updated as we go through the lists. Thank you so much to jerseymaids and makingsbymary for going through the lists to weed out inactive or deleted shops... it's a tough job but you guys stepped up to the plate! THANK YOU!

♥ i have sent a email/welcome message to our newbies - if you did not get one, please let me know so i can add you to the mailing list! please note that the member list here on etsy is updated by etsy, so i don't have any control over that!

Anyway, settle in, grab some coffee/chai/milk/fudge/baked goods/what have you, and chat with us! and don't be afraid to trade!!!!

Posted at 6:58am Mar 19, 2009 EDT


good morning! thanks for a great trade event.

Posted at 7:41am Mar 19, 2009 EDT

good morning, redrobin!!!! thanks for trading! i hope you got some nice things.... :) (especially for yourself!)

Posted at 7:49am Mar 19, 2009 EDT

good morning all!
and hey, my waldorf babies definitely have faces.


Posted at 8:15am Mar 19, 2009 EDT

Morning Traders, wow that was one crazy busy trade event !!

I'm going on vacation mode tomorrow, I have a really busy summer planned and just can't give my Etsy shop what it deserves.

I'll come by now and then to see ya'll though.

Posted at 8:38am Mar 19, 2009 EDT

Morning traders! that was a super long list at the end. i ended up with 6 trades, and i told myself i wasnt going to trade at all.(ya right) i was sorta lurking in the shadows for fear of trading to much.lol
i traded with
(our queen) sparklegarden - custom stamped charm necklace
stardustfindings - supplies
purpletriangle - lampwork beads
snailpaw - clay octopus
stitchesforyou - lanpwork frog pendant & lampwork lizard bracelet
and im finishing up a trade with sassygraceboutique for eye shadow

Posted at 9:25am Mar 19, 2009 EDT

I am so stoked about all the trades I did! Thank you everybody!

Posted at 9:32am Mar 19, 2009 EDT

Morning all, glad to see everyone survived the event. Congratulations to all the traders for an awesome bunch of trades. And double thanks to all the listmasters who kept things from going totally out of control! LOL

Posted at 9:54am Mar 19, 2009 EDT

Everybody taking a break now?

Posted at 9:57am Mar 19, 2009 EDT

I just packed and mailed everything that was not a custom, will get the rest wrapped up and sent tomorrow.


Posted at 10:01am Mar 19, 2009 EDT