Preserving flowers/leaves in epoxy for use in jewelry - how?

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Original Post

I have bought and used some natural components and used them in my jewelry. One was a maple leaf pendant, and I have used some flowers as well. They are colored and then preserved in epoxy. Does anyone know how this is done? I grow flowers and would love to be able to make my own components, if it's possible.
Exemple - here is a shop that uses a lot of the flower components:

Posted at 9:49am Mar 20, 2009 EDT


Ah, I just noticed that in that shop, they use poly resin.

Posted at 9:51am Mar 20, 2009 EDT

3squares says

i have a friend who found a 4-leaf clover and asked if i could incorporate it into a piece of jewelry. so....marking!

Posted at 9:53am Mar 20, 2009 EDT

I would be thrilled to pieces if I could find out how to make these! There are so many plants and flowers around my house that I would love to experiment with.

Posted at 9:56am Mar 20, 2009 EDT

I'm getting ready to try this, myself.

I have a friend that buys them for her jewelry pieces, and the ones she gets are preserved in Epoxy Resin... So, I'm guessing both would work.

From what I understand, you need to dry it in silica gel first. It will keep it's color, but take the moisture out, since moisture + resin = not so good.

I have not tested this out, yet. I hope to, soon. But first, I have to deal with the "Craft-nado/craftastrophe" in my craft room.

Here's the silica gel stuff I bought for it:

Posted at 9:58am Mar 20, 2009 EDT

Also, I did try to dry some flowers like this once... but they were too thin to begin with (like, morning glories, for example). I'm thinking this is only going to work with a stronger flower.

Posted at 10:00am Mar 20, 2009 EDT

Ooh, interesting. Marking.

Posted at 10:02am Mar 20, 2009 EDT

mrsfatface says

very interesting....would love to know this as well.

Posted at 10:04am Mar 20, 2009 EDT


*because I love flowers and this is interesting*

Posted at 10:05am Mar 20, 2009 EDT

ruetabega says


Posted at 10:10am Mar 20, 2009 EDT