Who wants some FREE ADVERTISING? :)

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Original Post

I'm putting together an Etsy community cookbook, and I'd love to feature YOUR SHOP for FREE!

The cookbook will be divided into the following categories:
- Appetizers & Sides
- Main Courses
- Desserts

I will only take recipes with no major spelling or grammatical errors, and am limiting each section to 20 recipes on a first come, first serve basis. Each Etsian that is featured will receive a FREE pdf ebook version of the cookbook! Hard copies and additional pdf copies will be available for sale at my shop here on Etsy.

Each featured recipe will also contain a small bio of the Etsian that submitted it! I will include a photo, a quote, and your shop address.

All you need to do is convo me with the following information:
- Recipe section your recipe falls into
- Recipe
- Your shop name
- Your real name and location (city and state or country)
- Your quote
- Your photo (can be of you, your pet, etc. as long as it is clean and not offensive)
- A photo of the completed dish

You can keep the rights to your recipe, just as long as you are willing to allow me to sell it in my book. I'm not out to steal anyone's work! I just love to cook, love to eat, and LOVE cookbooks, and thought this would be fun.

I will take one recipe per Etsy shop. After I have received all the submissions, I will create an Etsy Community Cookbook BNR for all participants in this fun project!!!!

So to recap - by sending me a recipe, you will get: FREE SHOP ADVERTISING, FREE PARTICIPATION IN A BNR, AND A FREE PDF COOKBOOK!!!!

Submit yours today!

Posted at 2:00pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT


As of 1:04PM CST, I have the following slots still available:

11 slots in appetizers/sides and in main courses, and 9 slots left in desserts.

Come join in the fun!

Posted at 2:04pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

Here's a sampler of some of the recipes I have so far for this delicious cookbook:

Peanut Butter Fudge Cake, Black Bean and Fruit Salad, Mexican Macaroni, Chinese Chicken Wonton Salad, Corn Fritters, and Sweet Hawaiian Rich Boy Sandwiches!


Posted at 2:21pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

Who else here on Etsy likes to cook? Anyone have any great promotions they'd like to share?

Posted at 2:22pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

Wow, this gets buried so quickly!

Posted at 2:25pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

bump.... Just sent you a convo about a recipe. :)

Posted at 3:18pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

JessicaC says

Oh I will participate for sure, that is my other passion besides making jewelry! I have too many recipes to choose from though... are we allowed to submit more than one? What a great idea!

Posted at 3:21pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

clayitagain says:
submit recipe to OP(original poster) and get:

free cookbook
free advertisement for you shop

sound good???
What are you waiting for????
have 2 shops?? submit 2 recipes for double the exposure!!

How can you lose?

Posted at 3:24pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

Yeah what ^^^she^^^ said :)

Posted at 4:53pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT