Can you "unfriend" people on Facebook without their knowing it?

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Original Post

fineartist says

do you know about this?

i receive many invitations to do things that are thousands of miles from my home.

i want to unfriend or uncontact these people, but i don't want them to be insulted.


Posted at 2:31pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT


yes, you can! obviously, if they go through their friends list and check, they'll see you're no longer there. but no notification is sent when you unfriend. alternatively, you can put those people in a different category of friends, where you never have to see what they're doing...

Posted at 2:33pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

LaurieRyan says

I have no idea, since you receive an email about being a friend I would say no they would probable email that person. I get those all the time and just click on accept and forget about it. not a biggie to me

Posted at 2:33pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

They will only notice that you unfriended them if they look through their contacts and see you are missing. They won't get an email stating that you discontinued friendship with them. So, I suppose you will have to decide what you want to do...

Posted at 2:33pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

fineartist says

thank you very much for this very helpful information!

nina :-)

Posted at 2:54pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT

I just had to unfriend an old boyfriend ( 20+ years!) that I only friended just to say hello back the first time he said hello to me.

I go a notice saying that he will not be notified, so all is good.

Posted at 3:12pm Mar 22, 2009 EDT