GA Greasemonkey Script to decode Etsy ref codes

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Original Post

krtwood says

I've been working on a script to make it easier to understand some of the information Etsy includes in our Google Analytics data. With the script installed a table is added on the detail report pages under "Content by Title".

It includes all of the ref codes that I am aware of, it just won't show the more obscure codes if they aren't present in your data.

To use it, you must be using firefox, you must have greasemonkey installed, and then go here and click install:

Go to your GA account, go to Content in the left menu, then Content by Title. Go down to the bottom of the table where it says "Show rows:" and change that to the maximum. Click on any item title and you should see something like in the image above.

I'm a total newbie at javascript and greasemonkey, so it has some limitations. It won't update when you change the number of rows, and if you don't set the number of rows to show all your data it can't see it. Also it won't update if you change the date range either. So you need to have these things set before you go to the page. GA has a nasty habit of resetting the number of rows back to the default 10, so watch that.

Note that "Direct" includes parts of the site that don't have ref codes such as the Treasury and Gift Guides. Also for a few days Etsy had the Category ref codes replaced by the Showcase codes, so if you see pageviews from the Showcase and you haven't bought Showcase spots, that's why.

There's room for improvement, but I think it can be useful as is and hopefully someone who knows what they are doing will finish it :)

Posted at 9:50pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT


krtwood says

Tough crowd.. I slaved all day on this :P

Posted at 10:35pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT

OOHHH I like it alot! It gives everything at a glance!!
Thanks! I appreciate your hard work! It'll be great to know where you are being found without having to look at every line.

Posted at 10:54pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT

jenhintz says

if you don't set the number of rows to show all your data it can't see it

I'm not sure what you mean by this. I just clicked on a title without having set it to show all the rows, and still got the table on the resulting page.

Posted at 11:07pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT

krtwood says

I mean that it will only see the data from those 10 rows, not the full set. It does give you a total at the bottom so you can easily compare that to the total pageviews GA shows, so if those two numbers are not the same something ain't right.

Posted at 11:12pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT

jenhintz says

Ah, got it.

Posted at 11:16pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT

dandyapple says

Just installed. Very cool. Thanks so much.

Posted at 11:18pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT

krtwood says

Hmm, something is wrong when there's front page codes, they are showing up as front page and search for some reason.. back to work

Posted at 11:25pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT

AnnieHowes says

Oh, shucks, it's not working for me. I'd love to be able to use it. It's a great idea!

Posted at 11:29pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT

krtwood says

That should be fixed now.

Posted at 11:29pm Mar 23, 2009 EDT