Mis-Named Stones and Metals

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Original Post

I'll start off.

Goldstone is Glass with copper in it. Not gold Not a stone. Certainly not a semi-precious


herkimer diamond- quartz not a diamond


Arizona rubies = garnets.

Posted at 3:07pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT


Can I play? Fused glass is a piece of glass fused in a kiln. Not glass marbles or squares that you buy that were made in a a factory and intended for a fish tank of flower vase.

Thank you, that particular issue has been driving me for, well, quite some time.

Now I'm going to put on my flame proof outfit and duck out of the way.

Posted at 3:13pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

"fish tank or flower vase" not "of"

Posted at 3:14pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

I'll play...Glass beads of any kind are NOT gemstones

Posted at 3:36pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

Cherry quartz is also glass.

We wrote a series or articles about misleading gemstone names:

How to Identify Misleading Names for Rubies

How to Identify Misleading Names for Sapphires

How to Identify Misleading Names for Emeralds

Posted at 4:21pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

russian sugilite , Not either
New jade, Not either
crackle fire agate, crackled? yes, fire agate? no
crab fire agate, no and no
ANY fruit named gem, NOT that gem
ANY candy named gem, NOT that gem
Sugilite jasper, not either
White turquoise, no such thing.
a few off the top o my noggin.

Posted at 4:36pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

meero says

opalite = glass; not opal or stone

Posted at 4:43pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

BabyNest says

Moonstone...Stone yes, from the Moon ...No! I had to put that in only because a few years ago, a pharmacist, you know they're supposed to be really smart right? Yes, well he asked me what my necklace was, I told him Moonstone, and he actually asked me if they were from the Moon. WHAT! So... I told him 'yes', and that NASA decided we didn't really need the Moon anymore, so we're mining it for jewelry.

Sorry, I know it's a bit off subject, but I had to share.

Posted at 4:46pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

LOL babynest!

Posted at 4:52pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

So babynest, does he still fill prescriptions for you??

Posted at 4:56pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT