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Original Post

schugirl says

I just had a thought...what if we picked a day in the future...say a month from now(date to be determined) and every Etsy shop owner participated in marketing to the public. It could be just hanging a sign in your car that says Etsy or placing fliers on some cars or wearing a T-shirt with Etsy on it. I know when I was in advertising classes a few years back, when Segway was getting ready to release their motorized scooter thingy, they just spread the word "segway" and the release date around the world without telling what the product was to create a mystery about it. It created a the very least people might see the word etsy and google it.

Could work! What do you think? I think there would have to be a discussion on acceptable practices...but lets get a discussion going here about possibilities!

Posted at 5:55pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT


Oh I'm in! Sounds like a fun experiment!

Posted at 5:57pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

I think this is a fantastic idea!

It's also a great way to see how many crafters are local!

Posted at 5:57pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

I've always wanted a bumper sticker with etsy on it... now I might actually go ahead and buy one.

Posted at 5:58pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

what a great idea i would be keen to do this

Posted at 5:58pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

that would be great! i recently saw a person who had an etsy bumper sticker (where does on get one of those?) and it would be fun to put up a sign in your car or something like that for the day.

Posted at 5:58pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

oh, this sounds like a awesome idea

Posted at 5:59pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

I think there are sellers here on Etsy that sell the bumper stickers!

Posted at 5:59pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

i would definitely put a sign in my car :) and lots of other places

Posted at 5:59pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT

Oh this is fun!
I have to run an errand but I'll be back to check on what day we decide on!

Posted at 6:00pm Mar 24, 2009 EDT