I give up!! Really...

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Original Post

Ozknits says

I said that over and over. And I actually did it, more than once.

Where are the views?
Where are the sales?
Where, oh where, are the buyers?

I didn't really start selling until October 2008. I learned the ropes as an experienced buyer. I thought it would be easy and why not? I sure spent enough on here!

The sales started trickling in as did the feedback. What, huh? Somebody really liked my yarn?!? Sales remained slow so I figured I'd better bite the bullet and improve my pictures. Cameras and I never meshed. Lucky for me I read a post in a photo-help thread from one of the adm's recommending Picasa. Alas! I don't need to get along with my camera anymore. Picasa made me look like a pro.

With better pictures came the front page debut. Ohhhh... it was sheer elation. More hearts and a couple sales.

Then nothing. I waited, I renewed, restocked, and I waited some more.


My one year Etsy-versary came and I moved from rookie status with confidence that it would make a difference.

It didn't. I blogged, twittered, myspaced, flickred and dickered with even better photos.

More front pages, the gift guide, a few sales.

Enter vacation mode.

I lost quite a few hearts while in vacation mode.

With my "woe-is-me-nobody-likes-me" state of mind, I stayed in vacation mode for a month or more.

And I thought what I could do better to have steadier sales.

I reopened. I renewed, restocked and got a new banner and av. And I started a little notebook tracking my views for various days and times.

It worked. I learned what worked for me and the best time to list new items and renew.

I tracked the views, hearts and sales to the number of items I carry. I tracked what colors I was selling.

I learned what's best for me.

So the moral of this rambling message is that before you give up, take a break if need be. Revamp, rethink, regroup and tread slowly. Take the time to document what works and what doesn't. Do it for at least two months so you can get a good gauge of what really is working.

I just reached over 200 sales and I am on my way to 1,000 hearts. Four months ago I never thought I'd be near where I am now.

My own marketing research was the best thing I ever did. I set a limit on how much I would spend renewing and stuck to it. I have to say it did more for me than blogging, twittering, and all the other stuff and it was less time consuming.

I hope this helps someone.

Posted at 2:11pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT


Ozknits says

And I posted in the wrong section. I thought I was in business. Adm please move and accept my apologies. My bad :(

Posted at 2:12pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT

its okay its helpful!! Thank you!

Posted at 2:13pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT

Thanks for the post - gives me a boost to read!

Posted at 2:14pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT

Can I just say....your little sheep prop is the cutest prop I think I've seen from a yarn seller!
And the pics are really clear with the help of Picasa, p.s I swear by picasa too.

Posted at 2:14pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT

phippsart says

I'm glad I read the whole thing. You gave up...but didn't. Nice post. Thanks!!!

Posted at 2:15pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT

Great post, and very helpful to some who feel like quitting. But, there are those who want the success without all the work which is too bad because success isn't handed to anyone on a silver platter. Congratulations on your hard work and determination to succeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 2:18pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT

crochetgal says

Very well written OzKnits. And inspiring too! Maybe it will help with some of the negativism that shows its head here in the forums..

(and your yarns are to die for!)

Posted at 2:19pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT

Ozknits says

Thanks! I just think we all need to find what works for us as individuals.

Now I must report myself for posting in the wrong section. I was sure I was in business. Duh!

Posted at 2:20pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT

PussDaddy says

I wish I knew what to tell you. I like you, but I just don't need yarn myself. I hope it gets better, though.

Posted at 2:21pm Mar 27, 2009 EDT