can't get chalk mark off the fabric

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Original Post

suiz says

help, I have a chalk marker that has yellow chalk... I hemmed a pair of off white pants and though the purple pen may stain(disappearing ink pen), and the white chalk wouldn't show, so I used the I can't get the marks off the is a knit fabric..I took my dish cloth with some water and that didn't help, also just tried to wipe it off..don't want to use soap thinking it may stain the yellow into the fibers...does anyone know??? I can't wash the pants, it is for a friend, and they are dry clean only...

thanks in advance if you can help...

Posted at 8:48pm Mar 28, 2009 EDT


This thread has a few suggestions for removing tailors chalk.

Posted at 8:53pm Mar 28, 2009 EDT

I found this
Re: Removing chalk marks
Fri, April 13, 2007 - 2:43 PM
Kinda depends on the chalk. If we're talking regular tailor's chalk (which kind of resembles grammar-school chalkboard chalk in its texture and brush-off-ability), then going at it with a fine dry brush (like a clean toothbrush) might take it off, though I wouldn't recommend washing it first, since that might drive the chalk dust further into the weave of the fabric. Tailor's chalk comes in white and blue, and it's shaped like a square, about 2" on a side.

Sometimes you can find a similar marking tool which is actually wax like a crayon (not chalk), which won't come out unless you dry clean it. Depending on the wax and the color of the fabric, you can make it 'disappear' by ironing it (thus melting and diffusing the wax), but the chances of this happening with off white fabric are slim to none.

If she's using a marking paper and wheel, again she might have the "chalk or wax?" problem. Most new marking papers are made from chalk, so they will dust off, but I know I've accidently used my mom's old waxed marking paper that refuses to come off.

So long story short, I would try dusting the chalk off with a toothbrush, or ironing it if it has a wax base. Test swatch it first, since both of those methods run the risk of driving the color further into the fibers.

Something else that occured to me: depending on whether the fabric she used has a right/wrong side, she might want to try using the marked side as the 'wrong' side, and thus marks won't be a problem (since they'll be on the inside)."

Posted at 8:56pm Mar 28, 2009 EDT

suiz says

I want to thank you for the suggestions, I'm going to try the toothbrush first..and I believe this is clay may even come out by rubbing the fabric of the pants, and not a cloth that I originally used...

you know, I was going to look at some of the forums online, and decided to use the ETSY forums, and viola' I got some help right away...this is the greatest place to be...thank you, thank you for your help...Suzanne

Posted at 11:29pm Mar 28, 2009 EDT