Image size in listings??

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Original Post

I just noticed something while browsing another shop.....The artist's image of her item is HUGE while my pics are average size...hers takes up a good portion of the page.

I did not know it was possible the change the image size of one's do you do it??

Posted at 8:33pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT


You can't change the image size once it's uploaded, but you can upload different pictures!

Keep in mind, whatever the size uploaded, etsy displays the image at a uniform size. To view the image in its actual size, just click on it!

Posted at 8:35pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT

By the way, I notice that the images you are uploading are less than 430 pixels wide. Etsy has to streeeeetch them to fit the uniform size (and that's why many of them are blurry).

Posted at 8:36pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT

oh is THAT why????? I have been wondering about that, cause they aren't blurry on my computer!! I have been compressing them before I save them to make them upload faster.....I will stop doing that. Thanks so much for the tip!

Posted at 8:39pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT

konyskiw says

All images show up on the item page as 430 pixels wide. This means if someone has a very long and thin picture then it'll take up most the screen (vertically anyway) but if someone has quite a short image it will seem very small in comparison.

Also, people can only see images at 430 pixels wide on the item page, but under the picture is a zoom button, which will show the picture at the original size the seller uploaded it, so it can be useful to use an image that is a bit larger so people can click and see the bigger image if they want more detail.

Posted at 8:39pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT

But check this out (a gorgeous piece of arwork by a fellow Etsyan)....her image is HUGE

Are mine smaller cause I resize them?

Posted at 8:40pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT

The issue is not really about compressing your files, CosmicFish, you need to watch the pixel dimensions.

At least 430 pixels wide ... and etsy suggests at most 1000 pixels wide (to make uploading reasonably fast).

Posted at 8:41pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT

okay I must be slow cause I am not getting it.....I thought compressing it DID change the # of pixels??

Posted at 8:43pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT

Actually that image is small ... TOO small (less than 430 pixels wide). The image is simply very tall.

Once again, etsy has had to streeeeetch it to make it 430 pixels wide (which is why the image is blurry). Click on it to see the actual size.

Posted at 8:43pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT

You are confusing two very different characteristics of images: overall storage size and pixel dimensions. Compresssion is about the former not the latter.

Posted at 8:45pm Mar 29, 2009 EDT