Spray Laquer or Shellac?? Need a clear matte seal spray

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Original Post

If I want to seal a paper mache box that I've painted with acrylics... what would be the best sealing spray to use? I've never done this before so I have NO clue whatsoever. But I know I don't want something super glossy; I like a nice matte finish.

Posted at 11:11am Mar 31, 2009 EDT


someone out there knows!

Posted at 11:44am Mar 31, 2009 EDT

uncljohn says

Shellac has a tendancy to be shiny rather than matte finish. I use a lot of shellac as a finish of choice, both spray and brush. However on wood, you must lightly sand it (I use 000 steel wool for this purpuse) to emulate a matte finish. Spray laquer on the other hand can be purchased from a wide variety of stores and can be purchased as a shiny or various degrees of Satin or Matte finish in rattle cans. It also dries harder and on paper mache I believe that it would be a better choice for you. Just read the label and have fun.

Posted at 2:20pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

scratches says

I'd imagine Krylon's matte would be perfect. You can read about it here:

Krylon has several products, actually, that fit your description.

Also, this one is very popular:

Do a search on fixatives at DickBlick. You'll see plenty there.

Posted at 2:40pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

I've tried sealing something with Krylon's gloss finish. I'm not happy with the results. I'm going to try shellac.

Not sure if I'd have the same issues with a matte finish though.

Posted at 2:43pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

scratches says

Lasceaux has a brushable fixative. I haven't used it but you might take a look at it -- blicks carries it as well.

Posted at 5:29pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

Thanks folks! I will check out the krylon probably or a spray laquer in the rattle can.

Posted at 8:11pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT