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Original Post

DAWGTeam says

Ist of the month Quest Competition- ACEO cards........A Quest open to all to enter. New theme each month. Post your work the 1st of the month at $4.99. Rules: List the 1st of each month, set price of $4.99, no limit on entries. Must say " DAWG QUEST theme" somewher in the title. This months quest is spring so your listing will be "DAWG QUEST SPRING" Must follow the rules to be eligible for peoples choice award

Open to anyone, sponsored by DAWG team. Nominate your favorite entry by e mailing before the 10th of each month. A 'peoples favorite' award will be given from among all the entries, winner will receive a jpeg award to use on your etsy sites. The contest committee will vote on nominations.

The quest is a good incentive to keep producing and sharing your work here and hopefully we will produce a following of buyers as well. We will also have the monthly theme list posted 3 months ahead, soon, so everyone will have time to produce a card.

Look forward to each monthly quest.
Watch here for upcoming themes

Posted at 2:51pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT


Lazyhawk says

This sounds great Sue, I think I have one to list for tomorrow. This should be fun and keep things active.

Posted at 4:58pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

JYWheeler says

What a wonderful idea. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful new art!

Posted at 5:04pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

Ah Spring, my favorite theme too!

Posted at 5:49pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

arlenefaye says

Sue, What if my art is not ACEO's. Is it still $4.99?
I'm not big on small art.(no pun!) What do you think?
Or else I don't have to enter?

Posted at 10:27pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

Sounds like fun =)

Posted at 10:32pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

Kitty107 says

Kewl idea......I will have to check it out further when I'm more awake......

Posted at 10:34pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT

Lazyhawk says

Dont know if this is where to post but I listed my entry for the Dawg Quest Spring:

Posted at 10:55am Apr 1, 2009 EDT

CastleArt says

Sounds like fun. :) I'll keep this thread marked too.

Posted at 3:31pm Apr 1, 2009 EDT

We have some entries, but we need more. Surely you have some art that will fit our spring quest? Type 'Dawg Quest Spring' to see the entries so far

Posted at 7:32pm Apr 1, 2009 EDT