Unique & Different Easter Basket Items

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Original Post

I thought we could all promote items from our shops that would make great Easter basket items. You can only have so much chocolate and stuffed bunnies. I have a 10 month old so candy isn’t ideal and I have a 3 year old. I am sure there are more moms out there that are looking for unique and different Easter basket items. So let’s all post something form our shop or an item we found that we think is great for putting in an Easter basket.
Thanks for participating.

For Your Princess a Princess Bow Holder

For Teens or Bride a Personalized Travel or Shoe Bag:

Posted at 9:22pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT


Your dress and bonnet are adorable. That will be perfect for a little girl's first Easter. Thanks for sharing!

Posted at 9:27pm Mar 31, 2009 EDT


These are great addition to any outfit and the grat thing....mom can wear them too...

Posted at 10:16am Apr 1, 2009 EDT


a fun mirror for the little divas basket!

Posted at 10:17am Apr 1, 2009 EDT

Tothe9s says

For a little girl, a pink little bird toile bobbie:

Posted at 10:19am Apr 1, 2009 EDT

this is a fun and educational item for kids...


Posted at 10:20am Apr 1, 2009 EDT

tothe9s - that bobby pin is precious!

Posted at 10:22am Apr 1, 2009 EDT

shopmemento - love the bag!

Posted at 10:23am Apr 1, 2009 EDT

Thank you for the thread!
shopmemento-your bow holders are adorable :)
We have these...

giraffelabel-I love your personalized flip book idea!

Posted at 10:26am Apr 1, 2009 EDT