Craft Shows in Southern Ontario

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Original Post

Hi everyone.

I'm looking to get more into craft shows, in order to compliment my Etsy shop. I have searched endlessly for some craft shows in Southern Ontario, and I have found a few, but was wondering if anyone had any regular shows they attend or know of any smaller towns that offer craft sales or bazaars?

Thanks so much!

Posted at 3:53pm Apr 3, 2009 EDT


crochetgal says

I used to attend a huge show at the church on the corner of Charles & Queen? Across from the Market Square parking lot. Its the place where the Boy Scouts have the pancake breakfast at Octoberfest. Sorry its been about 10 years since I've been in that neck of the woods.

Also, check out the Uof W Campus Center. They do a show each semester in the Great hall. And many of the Villages will allow you to host a small show on your own!

Have you tried the Waterloo Farmers Market? That's a great venue for people.. the market attracts all sorts of people, especially in the summer.

The Elmira Maple Sugar Festival is another great venue. Its usually the first weekend in April (tomorrow!) Check it out!

That's all I can think of right now.. as I mentioned its been a few years since I lived in that area..

Posted at 4:01pm Apr 3, 2009 EDT

crochetgal says

The church I was thinking about is at the corner of Duke St & Frederick St...

Here is one that is coming up in December

Most of the small towns in the area have farmers markets. Guelph has a great one as does Cambridge. Tillsonburg does one midweek... just do some looking around! There are plenty out there..

Posted at 4:08pm Apr 3, 2009 EDT

CrowBiz says

Ashley -
don't know if this is feasible across the border, but here in Buffalo we have a monthly Indie Market that I'm sure you could join. If you want, I can send a link. They're moving to outdoors for the summer I think

Posted at 4:15pm Apr 3, 2009 EDT

Crowbiz - I would love for you to post that link. That might be a fun experience.

My brother is always heading to Buffalo for car parts or other such things, so I'd get him to give me a ride there! :)

Posted at 5:19pm Apr 3, 2009 EDT

And thanks for all the info crochetgal! I'm going to check out all of those places this weekend!

Posted at 5:20pm Apr 3, 2009 EDT

Ashley, the Ontario Crafts Council sells a pamphlet of all craft/art shows in Ontario, as well as the "biggie" shows in other provinces. You don't have to be an OCC member to buy it either... here's the link:

Posted at 5:23pm Apr 3, 2009 EDT

Does that pamphlet cover off even smaller venues in smaller towns?

Thanks so much for the info AnvilArtshop!

Posted at 10:36am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

Here in the Kawarthas, the Lindsay Craft Show held early in August is becoming a big attraction. I don't know the precise name of it, but it's been held at the Lindsay Fair Grounds for quite a few years now.

Also in Peterborough, look for "The Hand of Man" craft show -- although it's a major misnomer.

Posted at 11:27am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

Check out the WychCraft Market in Toronto, I've been thinking of it for myself but without a car it makes it harder to get to the shows.

Posted at 11:44am Apr 4, 2009 EDT