The Art Category is not treated fairly,as it regards to site visibility

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Original Post

This is not an angry rant. I just going to give facts.
There are 31 categories on the Etsy front page. Most of the categories state exactly what the product is. When you read the Name you know exactly what the product is, ie. Candles,Bags and Purses,furniture,jewelry,pottery,knitting,you get the point. Art is a generic term that doesn't directly describe the product.
POINT 1: Art being only 1 category out of 31, makes it look like it is a small category. If you glance though the list,you will miss it. It's Marketing 101, you only have a few seconds to get the shoppers attention. Within a few seconds the person decides to stay on the site or leave. If they are looking for paintings,photography or sculpture and they are not on the list, they will probably leave.
POINT 2: All of the products in the art category are not visible, they are a click away. You have to click ART to find out what the products are. This puts those products at a distinct disadvantage to the products whose title are directly listed on the front page.
POINT 3: Art is a Huge category,it is the largest actual product on Etsy, surpassed only by the category SUPPLIES.
There are 31 categories on the Etsy home page. What I am going to do now is list some of the categories that are within the sub-category of art. I am listing them by the number of items listed On Etsy. I am comparing how they would rank in size compared to the 31 categories listed on the Etsy front page.
(the list was hard to compile a click at a time, so it may be slightly off,I may have missed 1, but it is pretty close)
The 5th largest product category on Etsy is:
5th = Handmade Prints 124,000 items
6th = Painting 113,000
8th = Photography 106,000
9th = Illustration 60,000
12th = Mixed Media 51,000
16th = Drawing 39,000
18th =Collage 31,000

Is this fair that these categories are so large and have no visibility on the front page? Just asking.

This is a list of some of the products that are listed on the front page that have fewer items than these.
Sport = 327 items
Toys = 1000 items
Furniture = 4,500 items
Candles 15,000
Quilts = 16,000
Books = 21,000
Woodworking 23,000
Dolls 26,000
Pets = 26,000

POINT 4 : The term for ALL THINGS HANDMADE doesn't really refer to Paintings, Photography, and a lot of other Items in the Art category. If you read that term, you wouldn't expect to find Prints of paintings on Etsy, for an example. Not having Prints, Photography,or paintings listed on the Front page only further enhances that perception.

POINT 5: The pictures on the Etsy Home page.
We have established that the Art category is huge.
But,from what I have seen, there is a very small percentage of items out of that category on the Front page at any one given time. This further enhances the perception that there is a lot of Art on Etsy.

Point 6: How would the crafters feel if all of the different things that could be considered craft,were all put into the same category.

Posted at 10:00am Apr 4, 2009 EDT


Marmalady says

at least Art has its own category, unlike Edibles which is lumped together with Plants

Every category thinks it is badly done-to and could argue for more exposure

Posted at 10:04am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

momerath says

I agree with you on the idea that major art genres (photography, sculpture, etc.) should perhaps have their own "top-level" category. I think it would spur more buyers to explore those categories.

Posted at 10:24am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

Derek, you can't argue with the numbers--So, again why isn't the art catgeory better defined, and why hasn't fine art made it to the front page more often?

Posted at 10:30am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

I hope this posts right, but here are the numbers of items in each Category, taken this morning between 8:45 & 9:00 mst

so, it IS food for thought:

Accessories 220136
Art 373386
Bags & Purses 112237
Bath & Beauty 54256
Books & Zines 21396
Candles 15172
Ceramic & Pottery 44355
Children 185983
Clothing 111389
Crochet 49018
Dolls & Minis 25752
Everything Else 44329
Furniture 4561
Geekery 19718
Glass 53641
Holidays 26097
Housewares 101565
Jewelry 898974
Knitting 49695
Music 2612
Needlecraft 24065
Papergoods 155249
Patterns 26172
Pets 26780
Plants & Edibles 11590
Quilts 14806
Supplies 424644
Toys 27802
Vintage 252456
Weddings 32250
Woodworking 23111

Posted at 11:02am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

This is a fantastic post!! I knew art was not well supported - but I had no idea how much it needs a revamp! I think the way the numbers have been put out in this post makes that clear.

It seems to me that even using the categories you have defined there as top level would be a gigantic help!

I had no idea how much ART there is on Etsy compared to categories that are much better defined and promoted. This is THE most compelling evidence I have seen as to why and how this art revamp is desperately needed.

I am very active in art and craft locally and Etsy is getting quite a name (we have tons of artists and artisans locally). I met quite a few artists/jewelry/potters/fiber clothes the other night - none of them were on Etsy yet - BUT ALL of them had heard loud and clear that Etsy did not support Fine Art and was not a good place for artists to show our work.

I was pretty upset by that .. this is not a good reputation for Etsy to be having when I am putting a lot of energy into Etsy to market my fine art. So I hope admin seriously looks at this thread and realizes that promoting fine art better, with more categories, more front page exposure will help position Etsy as a Fine Art Market.

There is a lot of new competition out there for the fine art market (1000 Markets, ArtFire) but the buying public doesn't know about them - they have certainly really started to know about Etsy.

Etsy has a chance to reall y step up here and claim a big portion of the fine art market - but to do that - and keep that - it must be better supported.

I know that has been talked about for a long time ... but I think this post here gives a fairly simple way to accomplish this ... and this would make an incredible difference ... art can be a tag we all use ... further down .. it looks to me that having it as a top level tag is just not working. Thank you for taking the time to research and explain this!

~ Diane Clancy
Moderator, Visual Arts Street Team (VAST, Etsy)
Coordinator, Artists of Franklin County, MA
Board Member, Fostering the Arts and Culture in Franklin County, MA

Posted at 11:08am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

Thanks for this post!

Posted at 11:11am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

treeartist says

Very well said. Derek, thank you for all the time you put into the research.
I hope ETSY Admin pays attention and does something about this problem or Artists are just going to move on to some other sites.

Posted at 11:20am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

treeartist says

Let's keep this tread going, it's very important.

Posted at 11:28am Apr 4, 2009 EDT

Artists let's support this meaningful thread!

Posted at 11:29am Apr 4, 2009 EDT