Bittersweeets Daily Challenge Week April 5th to April 11th

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Original Post

HURRAH, It's our One Year anniversary for the Bittersweeets Challenge. Most of us are having a sale for this special occasion. Check out each person's announcement for details. SALE dates are April 10th to 13th. --------------------------------------------------

Welcome to the official thread for the Bittersweeets One a Day challenge. Our group formed when we accepted Bitterweeets' challenge to create an item a day beginning April 15th 2008 to May 15th 2008 -- the goal was to improve activity in shops.

We all had improved sales and activity. We had a few newbies to Etsy, and we made our first sales. At the end of the challenge, we've got attached to each other so we kept on hanging out together here each week. While we may not always list an item a day, the goal is to create an item a day.

Bottom line, we're supportive and not a strict bunch. We value quality products and excellent customer service. If you share these views, then jump right in and we'll help you along.

To catch up with last weeks discussion, go here:

One a Day Challenge Members
*Athena aka
* Cara aka
* Celeste aka
* Chrissy aka
* Deborah aka
* Elle aka
* Emily aka
* Fen aka
* Funda aka
* Ginny aka
* Heather aka
* Holly Anne aka
* Jennifer aka
* Jessica aka
* Joanne aka
* Julie aka
* Kara aka
* Karen aka
* Kila aka
* Kristin aka
* Kylie aka
* Linda aka
* Lindi aka
* Meagan aka
* Melissa aka
* Nora Karina aka
* Rachel aka
* Sarah aka
* Sue aka
* Teresa aka

Posted at 12:05am Apr 5, 2009 EDT


Oopsy! sorry Fen, didn't see the new post. So what is everyone doing for the sale next weekend?? I was thinking free shipping but I might do a percentage off sale. What does everyone think?

Posted at 12:15am Apr 5, 2009 EDT

Kylie, I replied to ya in the other one too... just said that we're not really that special after all LOL

I haven't decided on mine yet. I can go either way.

I wasn't here for the sale discussions. One thing for sure though... I'm not going to edit 88 listings. It's refund only.

Posted at 12:21am Apr 5, 2009 EDT

I wish etsy made it easier for handling sales. In ebay, you just click all the listings and have it apply your sale in one swoop. {{sigh}} I have 93 listings up now. I'm tempted to list some supplies to bring me to 100. I have some cute ceramic buttons. Not sure how to price them so I need to do some research.

Posted at 12:29am Apr 5, 2009 EDT

missed the thread at first too.

Ginny- cool business card holders!

Yeah, I still don't know what people meant by 'Chicago accent'.
Fen, you sounded normal to me to. Ha, a friend of mine from Milwaukee says "bubbler." Some Wisconsin people I've talked to say things like "Wisgonsin" and "beg" instead of "bag"

Posted at 12:35am Apr 5, 2009 EDT

yay....i got great feedback tonight, and that fills my heart! love love love it. some days, that's better than selling anything!

and yay for being in the new thread so early.

i am going to offer the same sale during our sale as i have up now. and no no no to editing listings, refunds only. i can't edit 299 listings....i could, but i'm not going to!

Posted at 12:43am Apr 5, 2009 EDT

yarrow1 says

Night now all. I enjoy the shiney new thread. Thank you Fen.

Posted at 12:45am Apr 5, 2009 EDT

norakaren says

yay new thread
I got great feedback too
I hope we start a glorious new week!!
need some sleep now, my brain it is not working properly lol

Posted at 12:54am Apr 5, 2009 EDT

<---------still prancing around like a dork from great a convo too, and she said she doesn't want to actually unwrap and use them, she just wants to admire their beauty for a

Posted at 1:00am Apr 5, 2009 EDT

Fen, I think you linked the thread from 2 weeks ago in your OP....oops!

Posted at 1:00am Apr 5, 2009 EDT