The Ultimate Newbie Guide - 2 year anniversary edition

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Original Post

2 year anniversary edition here! Woot! So many updates on this one, as it has been a year since the last! Google Analytics has been added, as well as Vacation Mode. More info on the forums as well as places to promote your Etsy wares. Total overhaul of the last guide – went through and got rid of old / dead links and added a bunch new relevant info!

►Number one important thing would be search through the guide and find what you are looking for using keyords pertaining to your question. Below you will find ways to search through the Guide to make it more manageable.

MANY of your questions will be easily answered in the Etsy FAQ -

There's a lot of info here – type in a keyword using one of the search methods below (depending on your OS and browser) and you'll be sure to find what you are looking for. Don't see an answer? Please feel free to pose your question below and check back! Someone's always around to help!

As always, we want this to stay in the forefront to offer as much help as it possibly can - so bump this up whenever you see it slipping. Thanks, and welcome newbies!!!!

Please note due to the length of the guide I have been forced to split it into 4 different posts in this one thread.



--- FIREFOX --- You can search for keywords in this guide by pressing Ctrl+F and typing the keyword in at the bottom of the browser You can have it highlight the word you're searching for. Then press the enter key to see every instance of the keyword used in the guide :)

---INTERNET EXPLORER and SAFARI --- Same as above, however the box will be a pop up, floating box on the page.

--- APPLE --- Use Apple+F for the same results.


Posted at 3:20pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT


°`°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° TABLE OF CONTENTS °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°`°

You can use the above method to search for the topics below without scrolling - Just follow the instructions above and copy and paste one of the topics below into the "find" box and it will highlight the topic for easy access.

►5 Most important things ***************►Buying

►Newbie help ***************************► Trading

►Setting up shop ***********************►Feedback

►Profile Help **************************►Convos

►Photo Help .***************************►Spell Check?

►Selling *******************************►Forum Questions

►Selling tips and tricks ***************►Helpful Forum Threads for reference

►Vacation Mode *************************►Hearts

►Google Analytics***********************►Treasury

►Participate in sales via the forum!****►Showcases

►Promote your shop and Etsy! ***********►Alchemy

►Street Teams **************************►Time Machine

►Featured Seller ***********************►Copyrights

►Packaging your items for shipment *****►What is...?

►General Shipping **********************►Etsy Chat

►Shipping Internationally **************►Troubleshooting

►Paypal ********************************►Technical

►Paying Etsy Bill **********************►Other

---> (continued in next column)


Posted at 3:20pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT

---> Continued from second post <---

►Below are 5 of the most important things you will find in this guide!!! Please check them out before going anywhere else!!! You won't regret it.

Etsy FAQ -

Etsy Wiki -

Etsy Do's and Don'ts -

The Storque - Etsy run web zine chock full of tips and news by Etsy admin and Etsy users. -

**Please remember vintage (items over 20 years old) and supplies (both commercial and handmade) are welcome on Etsy.**


►Newbie help -

***LooseWireStudio shares her cheat sheet for Forum Helping*** -

Confess ONE lesson learned & spare a newbie :) (started by seattlebeadcreations) -

An OUTLINE TO SELF-CRITIQUE YOUR SHOP (brought to you by Egilpatr) -

One-on-One help for new and struggling sellers (brought to you by TheHouseOfMouse)

HOW TO: guide to Surviving Etsy (created by CagedBirdSings) -

Team Etsy Mentors - List of mentors -

Newbie tips compiled by CavanaghCraft - great for starting out -

Newbies. Here's why you're not selling yet (created by scarlettcat) -

The Newbie's Guide To Etsy Chat (created by Duet) -

What does Etsy stand for??? Read at your own risk hehe -

Ultimate Craft Guide by LittleLovables -

Etsy sourcebook of suppliers compiled by SixthandElm -

Best kept supply secrets compiled by EtsyLabs and conrtibuted by the community -


►Setting up shop -

How to make a banner without a fancy program -

How do I upload a banner? (banner help) -

Why is my banner blurry?

How do I make an avatar? Here's a great tutorial from blissbyheather -

I want to open 2 shops, can I put them both on the same credit card? - Yes :)

Can a username be changed? - No, not without opening a completely new shop.


►Profile Help -

How do I set my location on the Geolocator? -

Can I change my avatar? -


►Photo Help

How to save images for web in photoshop tutorial (by jellibat) -

How to improve your photos (from Etsy admin. HeyMichelle) -

How-to: Fixing photos that are too dark (from Etsy admin. HeyMichelle) -

Taking good close-up pics - and

How to save images for web in photoshop tutorial (by jellibat) -

Eliminating backgrounds through GIMP photo program -

Do you need Help with anything Photo -Digital related -

How to Watermark Your Images -


►Selling -

The Etsy Seller Handbook: All Our How-Tos about Selling -

Advice on pricing, packaging & MORE! - from admin. Stellaloella -

Saving a listing to post later, a tutorial. (Created by littleputbooks) -

How long before I make a sale? -

How do I tell if I have been paid? -

How long do I wait for payment? - "Most buyers will pay right away, especially if paying via PayPal. There is a 3-day grace period for submitting payment by other payment methods (money order, check, etc). The buyer notifying the seller that the "check is in the mail" (so to speak) within the 3 days is sufficient." - (Etsy Do's and Don'ts)

Can someone do a partial paypal payment? -

How do i add a different form of credit card payment besides paypal? -

How do I change the prices of my items for sale? -

Can I change the payment method for just one listing? -

How do I renew an item in my shop? -

How do I reserve something for someone in particular? -

"Illegal characters"? -

What is the secondary shipping cost? -

How do I find out how many people have viewed my shop? - This function no longer exists. Some have brought it up in the ideas section to bring it back - perhaps you'd like to add your name to it, Admin. considers all suggestions.

How do I cancel a sale? -

How do I add my items to sections in my shop? -

Should I email previous buyers with sales and specials? -

Custom orders - to make or not to make? -

Thoughts on accepting personal checks -

What is a Certified Cheque? -

Is it possible to search for the sale price of an item? - No. Due to buyer privacy concerns sale prices of items have been hidden.

What do I do with my shop if I go on vacation or close for the holidays? -


►Selling tips and tricks -

Take an Honest Look at Your Shop (from LaPellaPottery) -

Shop makeover series from the Storque -

Tips for brand new sellers (brought to you by Analiese) -

Biblical Business Principals For Your Etsy Shop (from JJMFinance) -

Tips on HOW TO HIT 100 SALES! (brought to you by blissbyheather) -

Tips for sellers from a buyers perspective -

I'm doing everything I can and still, little to no sales - what to do? -

How artists and crafters can make more money -

Thank your customers for their purchase! -

Advertising Ideas! Brought to you by cocoapod -

More ways to advertise your shop -

Personal safety tips for online sellers from kateblack -

Online Safety When you purchase a Domain Name -

Tips for selling your work wholesale (compiled by littleputbooks) -


►Vacation Mode -

What is Vacation Mode?

How do I use Vacation Mode?


►Google Analytics

What are Google Analytics – a complete FAQ on Analytics and how to use them -

Where are Google Analytics and how do I access them?

How to exclude your own visits in Google analytics – a step by step tutorial from FrucciDesign -

What is Google Base (brought to you by GoTo) -

Get into Google's "Shopping" search results--use Google Base (also brought to you by GoTo – thanks GoTo!) -

How do I figure out Data Feed File Name so I can send to Google Data Base? (step by step tutorial from GoTo) -


Posted at 3:22pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT

---> Continued from second post <---

►Participate in sales via the forum!

Revised FAQ about the Saturday Night Specials (SNS) Promotions thread by willowglass -

Q: What's the deal with Friday Happy Hour™? by kateblack -


►Promote your shop and Etsy!

Promote on Myspace -

Promote on Flickr -

How to use flickr to get exposure for your etsy shop (by dottyral) -

Promote on Twitter - ( Why Twitter is a great business tool from TimothyAdamDesigns ) -

The official Twitter list -

Promote on Etsylove -

Promote on Facebook! -

Promote on Indiepublic! -

Promote Etsy with banners! -

See what people are searching for to get to your shop (helps with advertising and marketing) -

Is it ok to contact people who heart me about sales? NO! It's considered spam.


►Street Teams -

What is a Street Team? -

A complete list of Street Teams -


►Featured Seller -


►Packaging your items for shipment -

Packaging tips -

How to package Bath and Body products -

How to package artwork - and


►General Shipping -

Scanning and Shipping Made Easy - A tuturial complete with screenshots and step by step process by ThePaintedTiger -

Suggestions for low cost packages/shipping -

Post office tips -

Scales for shipping - what kind and where to get them -

Shipping with Paypal - label question -


►Shipping internationally -

*Setting up International Shipping in 5.3 steps (for US Sellers) -

Reasons to ship internationally -

International Shipping Advice - Feel Free to add to it! -

How Do You Ship to Other Countries? -

International shipping preferences -

International shipping tips -

Have CUSTOMS / DOUANE / ZOLL questions? Read here! -


►Paypal -

How you can pay with Credit card through paypal. (with screen shots and step by step info) compiled by NatureAutumn -

How do I create an invoice (revised or regular) through paypal? - and

How much does paypal charge in fees? -

Paypal -- e-checks -

Paypal customer service phone number - For general PayPal account inquiries, please call toll-free at:


►Paying Etsy Bill -

Where do I find my Etsy Bill? -

How Billing Works -

How do I pay my fees on Etsy? -

Can I pay my Etsy bill with Paypal? - Yes!

If I owe less than a dollar, do I need to pay my bill? Yes, even if it's .01 cent.


Posted at 3:23pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT

---> Continued from fourth post <---

►Buying -

A tuturial of the checkout process (compiled by kinchi with screenshots by Starry Designs) -

How To Pay - Directions for new customers -

How you can pay with Credit card through paypal. (with screen shots and step by step info) compiled by NatureAutumn -

Ring sizer! Figure out your ring size -

Can you purchase from Etsy if you are not a member? No. But it is free and easy to sign up :) -

What do I do if I accidently hit the "buy now" button? -

How long is too long to wait for an item to arrive? -

Item reeks of smoke - what to do? -

How do I leave feedback? -


►Trading -

The Etsy trading list -

The trading list by category -


►Feedback -

How do I leave feedback? -

When should I leave feedback? -

What is the "Kiss and Makeup" feature? -

Who initiates a "kiss & makeup"? -


►Convos -

How do I report a spam convo? -

Can I promote my shop to others via convo's? NO! -

How do I know if my convo abilities have been muted? -


►Spell Check? -


►Forum questions -

What are the forum Guidelines? - Please see under the Forums, Chat Rooms and Virtual Labs heading for info on what is discouraged in the forums.

Who closes a thread and why? - Etsy administrators are the only individuals able to close threads. Threads are closed because they violate the do's and dont's posted above.

How do I flag a thread? -

What is a call out? A “call out” or “calling someone out” is when an Etsian creates a post in the forums about another Etsian, be it regarding their items, tags, a transaction taking place between the two individuals, etc with identifiable hints that much of the time leads onlookers to find out who is being referred to. Posts that “call out” other Etsians are against forum rules.

I really want to get advice about something but don't want to call out – what do I do? Contact or another Etsy member you trust regarding your situation. Please do not post it in the forums.

"What to do before lockdown" thoughts from admin on out of control forum threads -

How do I find what topics I've posted in? - Go to main forums page, top right hand side just above chat rooms "View topics you've posted in".

>>> Where do certain types of threads belong?

Please put "I'm looking for" & "Show me your" in Promos -

Friendly reminder that blog roll threads belong in promotions or etc. (posted by Mary, Etsy admin.) -

Friendly reminder that milestone threads belong in promotions or etc. (posted by Mary, Etsy admin.) -


►Helpful Forum Threads for reference -

Looking unprofessional and professional -

Feedback on a home color/photo printer -


►Hearts -

Is it ok to email people who heart you or one of your items? - No. It is considered spam -

All of my hearts are gone! Where did they go??? -

Why would someone heart me anonymously? -

Can you "unheart" an item or seller? -

Can I see if someone just hearts my item and not me? Yes - click an item and then click "see who hearts this item" in the lower right hand corner of the right column.

Is there a really fast way to find out people who heart me? Yes!


►Treasury -

What is the Etsy Treasury? - How-to Make a Treasury: the Nuts and Bolts (A tutorial with screenshots presented by the Storque!) -

Where is the Treasury? -

Where is Treasury West? -

A complete Guide to Treasuries -

Where is the link to the Poster Sketch? (You can create a treasury before hand using this tool and have it all ready to go when treasury opens up!)

How do I know if I'm featured in a treasury? -

Is there a fast way to find out if I am featured in any treasuries? Yes!

How do I know if I have been in a treasury that made it to the front page? There is a flickr group that posts screenshots of front page treasuries -

How do I add items to a treasury? -

What is the purpose of the alternate list in the treasury? -

How long does a treasury last? - Treasury times are given random expirations. It varies from 36-60 hours. And for example it will say 3 days when it is closer to 3 days, then drop down to 2 when it is closer to to, like 2.4 days.

How can I get Treasury page into my blog? -

Trying to add comment to treasury list and there is no enter button. -

Can I let someone know I have featured them in my treasury? Yes! You can convo people you have included in your treasury and let them know :)


►Showcases -

How do I know the next date for showcase to be available?


►Alchemy -

What is Alchemy? -

Rules for Alchemy -


►Time Machine -

How does time machine work? -


►Copyrights -

What do I do if I feel someone copied me? - Contact support [!at] or community [!at] and administration will be able to help you. *** PLEASE do not bring it to the forums – it is against forum rules to do so.

Copyright/Trademark Information -

Basic copyright info for Etsiers (compiled by Quirke) -

Hello Kitty items banned -

Free Stock Images Site -


►What is....?

What is an RSS Feed? -

What is "Etsy mini"? - and is it flash or java? -

What is "PIF"? -

What is an ACEO? -

What are "T.O.U"? -

What is "BNR"? -

What is a locked thread? (Now a closed thread) -

What is a street team? -

What is a “Knockout”? -


►Etsy Chat -

Chat room 101 -

Etsy Chat Room Available On IRC? -

Why am I taken to a random shop upon leaving Etsy chat? -


►Troubleshooting -

**Remember to check the "bugs" forum for updates on site issues by admin. such as RevolvingDork -

Picture will not load -

Why do the photos look different here than on Photoshop? -

Not receiving email notifications? -


►Technical -

How do I update my flash player? - - there is a download with instructions there.

How do I take a screen shot? -

Firefox or Safari? (Regarding browsers - Jared from admin. chimes in) -


►Other -

How do I know if my convo abilities have been muted? -

What happens after you report a transaction? -

Business cards? -

Why do items that were just posted have so many hits already??? -

How do I get my items on the top of the front page? -

Currency converter calculator! -

How do I close a shop? -


Happy Etsying all!

Posted at 3:23pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT

Super cool ... Many thanks for all the helpful info! :-)

Posted at 3:23pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT

Thanks so much! Marking for a thorough reading later tonight!!! (I need all the help I can get :)

Posted at 3:25pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT

AlloverArt says


Posted at 3:25pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT

Glad you find it helpful! There have been so many changes in the past year it was certainly time for a new Guide. Lots of updates in this one!

Posted at 3:26pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT

Hey Sagi!

great as usual :)

Posted at 3:27pm Apr 5, 2009 EDT