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Original Post

Come one! Come ALL!!! Join the Etsy Etsy Mud Team in a totally EGGciting and EGGcentric EASTER EGG HUNT!! The Prize is a 15% off coupon to be used in select Mud Team shops!! WOW!! What an EGGstra special way to start your Mother’s Day shopping! All you have to do is read the rules below, grab up your virtual Easter Egg Basket and then start your hunt in this fun filled Pottery EGGSTRAVAGANZA! :)

Official Egg Hunt Rules:
1. You must be prepared to have FUN!
2. The Egg Hunt runs from 8am, Wednesday, April 8th through Midnight Easter Sunday, April 12th.
3. The goal is to find 5 (five) Etsy Mud Team shops that have hidden EGGS in the photos with their pottery. Not all of the Mud Team Shops are participating in this Event, so that's where the hunting comes in. If the shop is part of the Hunt, the eggs will be in the main photos that you see when you are looking on the first page of their listings.
4. To find the listings you need set the Search button to "Handmade Items: Tags,Titles" and then type in etsymudteam. This is the start of your hunt. You will have to click on the pictures from individual shops, go into their Shop Home and look for photos with EGGS!!
5. You found one?!?!? EGGcellent!! Put it in your virtual basket by writing down the NAME of the SHOP where you found it and then move on to other shops until you have gathered 5 Shop names with eggs in your basket.
6. WOW! Your basket is overflowing with Muddy Eggs!! EGGciting, isn't it? Now you contact , she is the egghead responsible for collecting and keeping all of this EGGStroadanary information so you type in your list of Shops with eggs and hit send!! Her shop does not count as an official "egg", but you can go look in there if you are at all confused, because she's a good egg and has hidden eggs for you to find as an example.
7. Now what do you do? You sit back, relax, perhaps have some green eggs with ham and wait until Monday, April 13th. If you were correct in your EGGventures then you will receive a coupon for 15% off participating Mud Team Shops, a list of the shops and all pertinent information on using the coupon!
8. GO!! Gather up your basket and have an EGGCELLENT time... Happy Hunting!!!

and HAPPY EASTER from all of us at the ETSY MUD TEAM!!

Posted at 8:28am Apr 8, 2009 EDT


StudioElan says

have fun hunting!

Posted at 8:35am Apr 8, 2009 EDT

You're getting warmer.....

Posted at 8:48am Apr 8, 2009 EDT

JNpottery says

Come join the fun!

Posted at 9:00am Apr 8, 2009 EDT

foxpots says

Marking - happy hunting!

Posted at 9:03am Apr 8, 2009 EDT

This sounds like so much fun. Brilliant idea. Off to the egg hunt.

Posted at 9:06am Apr 8, 2009 EDT

hoppy hunting!

Posted at 9:07am Apr 8, 2009 EDT

Check out the wonderful mud from the mud team!!

Posted at 9:09am Apr 8, 2009 EDT

Yugo! all you happy egg heads!

Posted at 9:25am Apr 8, 2009 EDT

posted the link to this eggciting thread in my shop announcement!

Happy egg hunt everyone!

Posted at 9:35am Apr 8, 2009 EDT