Diamond glaze or 3d Crystal Lacquer?

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Original Post

I am staring a new project with the bottle caps.
Which of the glazes is best for that?? Thanx for the help crafters.

Posted at 6:16 pm Apr 10, 2009 EDT


I use both but I prefer 3D Crystal Lacquer for several reasons:

- Almost no air bubbles, if you get one they are easy to get rind of - Diamond glaze is a pain
- Thicker than Diamond Glaze so it does not run everywhere.
- Once dried it looks better than diamond glaze to me.
- Dries faster

Posted at 6:42 pm Apr 10, 2009 EDT

Thank You so very much Karmacrochet. This helps me alot.

Posted at 5:58 pm Apr 16, 2009 EDT

I've never heard of 3D Crystal Lacquer...where do you buy it?

Posted at 6:01 pm Apr 16, 2009 EDT

I'd like to know as well.

Posted at 7:20 pm Apr 16, 2009 EDT

pixiepaper says

me neither...I'd like to know more.

Posted at 7:44 pm Apr 16, 2009 EDT

3D Crystal Lacquer is made by sakura craft.

Their website is : www.sakuracraft.com/

There are a few sellers here selling it but I found better prices at amazon.com

I had not been able to find it at my local craft stores ( joanne's , michael's or hobby lobby).

Posted at 9:26 pm Apr 16, 2009 EDT

I use resin myself...works FAB with bottlecaps!

Posted at 9:38 pm Apr 16, 2009 EDT

A bit of a hijack here, but not off topic...

Can you use either of these glazes on polymer clay as well?

How is the durability of these, are they pretty tough?

Posted at 9:54 pm Apr 16, 2009 EDT

I'm with heather (waves to heather)

resin is the way to go, the glazes are not as durable or professional looking, can't be applied as thick, don't look as glassy, can crack, etc....

Posted at 10:23 pm Apr 16, 2009 EDT

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