Best package to ship small items?

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Original Post

Hello Everyone,

I got my 1st sale this week and was wondering the best way to ship tiny items like buttons and such? I tried sending using a bubbled coin envelope and was told the package was too small to send by the PO. Any suggestions on the best way to send these without wasting more paper/packaging than is needed?


Posted at 2:10 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT


Congrats on the sale!

You can use the smallest bubble envelope possible, I think it's a size #000, or 4" x 8".

Here's an example:

It costs around $1.50 to mail within the US.

Posted at 2:14 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

You should definitely be able to use the small Size #00 bubble envelope. The thing you might need to do (I often do this) is "pad" the inside of the envelope with some extra bubble wrap. That's not so much to protect the contents, as it is to make the envelope more than 3/4" thick. For whatever reason, your package needs to be more than 3/4" thick (deep) to match the postal regulations.

Makes it easy to use the #00 envelopes for small lightweight items. And it adds nothing, in weight.

Posted at 2:18 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

well how many are you sending??

If you're sending a small amount regularly. Like under 15 shirt buttons or around 5 bigger buttons (AND under 3.5 ounces). I would send it with a regular letter envelope and pad the buttons with bubble wrap. Make sure when packaging that it lays flat (IT MUST BE FLAT).

If that's the case I would go to the dollar tree or walmart and buy a roll of bubble wrap.'s a $1 @ dollar tree and about $2.50 at walmart.

Here are the USPS requirements for letters:
Dimensions Minimum Maximum

Height 3-1/2 inches 6-1/8 inches

Length 5 inches 11-1/2 inches

Thickness 0.007 inch 1/4 inch

Posted at 2:32 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

If that doesn't work for you. I buy the #000 bubble mailers and I think the cheapest I have ever sent anything is $1.17 for postage at the PO. I believe that's the lowest you can get for up to 1oz.

Posted at 2:34 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT is a good place to buy envelopes. I use a standard 6 x 9 envelop and use my own bubble wrap... much cheaper. Also your package must be 3/4 inch thick oir the post office will change it to pririty mail. The was a forum about this several days ago!!

Posted at 2:36 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

twosome says

Try JiffyLite bubble envelopes :D

Posted at 3:39 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

There is 2x4 bubble envelope. Buy a bubble envelope that is already 3/4 in thick so you don't need to add padding JUST to make it mailable. Of course have extra bubble wrap or paper on hand if it needs to be packed more securely

Posted at 3:48 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

BeadCasita says

i also use a standard 6x9 envelope and use my own bubble wrap. and yes, wrap it thicker than 3/4 inches. the post office does ship it with money due to seller if it isn't. this is another reason i do my own bubble wrap. a 6x9 will mail.

Posted at 3:52 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

Thanks everyone! New to all this so all your advice is greatly appreciated. I'm actually only sending 2 buttons that are about 1" each. I used an envelope that measured 2.75" x 4" and padded it with bubble wrap. I used the self service station which weighed it at less than 1oz. My total for priority mail was .83cents but I couldn't send it since it said there is a minimum of $1. I didn't know about the 3/4" thickness requirement and will keep that in mind. I guess it also might be better to use a bigger envelope anyway since I can imagine how easily the envelope size I was attempting to send out can get lost. My intention to use small packaging was to save some trees but guess you can't it have it all.

Thanks again everyone!

Posted at 3:55 pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

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