Gluing felt

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Original Post

I'm gluing felt to felt what is your favorite glue for this? Right now I'm using tacky glue but it's not my favorite. I could use suggestions> Should I pick up fabric glue is it any better?

Posted at 11:11pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT


maggie says

I have not glued a ton of felt, but the last time I did I used fabric glue, and I found it did not soak into the felt as much as the tacky glue did in the past.

Posted at 11:14pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

I have used super glue ,but it will turn white on felt .It's ok if your not going to see it,but you have to be quick.It's best to use the brush on type ,a real thin coat.

Posted at 11:20pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

moddyboy80 says

I have used several different kinds myself. Still trying to find the perfect glue though...

Posted at 11:33pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

erindollar says

fabri-tac is what i've used... too much can soak through and make things crunchy, though.

Posted at 11:45pm Apr 11, 2009 EDT

do you think fabric tac is better than tacky glue?

Posted at 12:20am Apr 12, 2009 EDT

beckaboo says

I have used hot glue. It melted the fibers together so well I couldn't get it apart when I made a mistake. I was using the ecospun felt though, not wool, so that might make a difference.

Posted at 12:40am Apr 12, 2009 EDT

Good link, Moddyboy! I have tried using dots of elmer's or tacky glue, but just decided to forgo the glue altogether, and stitch the felt. It takes more time, but doesnt make the felt all stiff.

Posted at 1:21am Apr 12, 2009 EDT

minasaez says

You must try Gutterman Creativ HT2. For me it's the best for gluing felt to felt ;)

Posted at 10:47am Apr 12, 2009 EDT