Piecemakers Mosaic & Mixed-Media Artists ~Week of April 12th~

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Original Post

Welcome to our little World, where we take all the little pieces of life, and turn them into some Spectacular Mosaic and Mixed-Media Artwork!

We are a group of free spirits who enjoy sharing ideas and exchanging techniques. We also promote our work here, thru SSPs (Shameless Self-Promotions)!

Every Saturday we spotlight a new "Artist of the Week" on our blog!

PieceMakers also have bi-monthly Mosaic Challenges, and we would love for you to join us:)

This is a peaceful and happy place, sometimes a little crazy and often a little naughty, and you are welcome to join in the fun:)

PieceMakers ROCK!

Here is the link to our Team Page:

And here are some more PieceMaker "links of interest":






We also have a new CAFE PRESS Shop where you can buy things like t-shirts and mugs and so much more, with our PieceMakers Logo on it!

Posted at 12:32pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT


Here is a current list of our chatty PieceMakers:

Ibreak4glass-(JustDuckiePhotoArt) Chelle(sounds like shell)
Myeuropeantouch - Monika
mjmosaics - Marilyn, mj is easier
oceankisses - Patti
Mandolin- Amanda,or Mandy
TwinBrooks & NippedAndCut - Vicki
MemoriesinMosaics-Christine(since we have 2 Chris')
GreeneGoddess (and GreeneTortuga) ~ Bets, GG, Greene :)
KimsCustomCaps: Kim Kimber
Palscreations: Peggy or Pals
PopArtMosaics - Chris
BlueMoose: Joselyn

Make sure you are on here, makes life easier:)
Just copy & paste, and add your name:)

Posted at 12:35pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT

GoodMorning and Happy Easter Piecemakers!

Please feel free to copy & paste your last post, since I was a little late swapping over today:)

Congrats on the TV air time, BlueMoose! Thats so cool, and on Easter Sunday! YAY! *I missed it, sorry...

Have a Wonderful Day!

Posted at 12:46pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT

Good morning piecemakers!

Joselyn....Wow!!!!! So great one of your pieces was on TV. You're famous! Congratulations! ♥ (sorry I missed it but maybe I can look it up on the internet...)

Hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday.

Posted at 12:59pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT

Hi! I hope everyone had/is having a wonderful Easter. Ours is coming to a close. It was nice getting together with the family. The kids were up early, had a lot of fun, and are now pretty tired.

I'll see you all in the morning. We are on vacation this week, so I'm hoping to sleep in a bit. Woo! Hoo!

Posted at 5:40pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT

Hi guys! Happy Easter to all you Piecemakers out there!
We got back last night. We has a blast, it was super crowded and not too hot, so that was nice. We actually stayed an extra day and went to Disney Quest which is a 5 story building of nothing but virtual reality games and the like. Not my favorite thing but Logan liked it a lot. Still unpacking and nipping away on some tiles that have to go out in the am. Hope all is well and everyone enjoyed their holiday:o) Missed chatting and hope to catch up on the old thread some tomorrow in the midst of paying bills and doing laundry....

Posted at 7:30pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT

Hi Everyone...hope you all had a great time with family and friends.
I did...and I am "pooooped"...ate to much, waaaayyyy to much! I had a wonderful time though...isn't fun to be with the girls...
Now, to the web site again...you girls in power, can you please, please, please remove it.
That wouldn't be a hoot, it is there, I mean it...maybe I didn't express myself good enough it was late at night and I was sleepy. please Mandy can you respond to my convo, so I can clear things up...thanky...
I will go lay on the sofa now...(grin)...I am really pooped... ;o)
Have a good night everyone...

Posted at 8:05pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT

Hi, just poppin in to say hi and this is in a treasury, give it the love I know you all have !!!


Posted at 8:52pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT

forgot to mention to newbies, I am also Just duckie

Posted at 8:57pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT

I missed the show, bluemoose, but how fantastic for you!!
I am beat too. Had my kids and grandkids over for a swim, an egghunt, and marinated lamb kabobs. I get more tired doing all that cooking than anything, I think.
Had a great time though.
So glad you had a good time Kim. Sounds like such fun.
I have got to get working next week. I need new items for my shop. Maybe something small this week.
Have a good night.

Posted at 9:24pm Apr 12, 2009 EDT