The Front Page - an analysis

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Original Post

I decided what with all the talk of the front page (repetitions, dull etc etc) to actually analyse it for 24hrs. I fully admit I am trying to think of any excuse not to do my uni work! So for a period of 24hrs – with the help of craftcult I have looked at all the FPs. Here is what I found:
- There were 36 different FPs.
- 19 were actual treasuries – 17 chosen by Etsy.
- That means 432 FP spots.
- Repeats – 22 lucky sellers were repeated twice. 1 seller three times.
- 1 treasury made by Etsy managed to feature one person’s two different shops at the same time! (I guess this could have happened more than once but that was the only one that was obvious).
- So approx 408 different shops were featured.

I then had a look at those repeated and checked whether they were in gift guides:
- More than half were.
- More than half of those were featured in more than 1 gift guide.
-And one lucky seller was in 6 separate Gift guides! (I love this seller’s work! lol!)

Anyway, those are the facts. My personal opinion is that I really like the front pages. There was colour and diversity of products. Yes, they have a certain feel – which I like – perhaps I am the target market? Anyway, they look good and professional – which for me as a seller is important.

I don’t really know what I think on the repetition front. Yes there was a bit. I do think that often you get one seller in your mind and if they are on the FP frequently then you always spot them and it gives the impression they are there all the time. In actual fact, the seller featured three times I had never even noticed before!

Regarding the gift guides – I honestly don’t see any need for repetition there. Despite the fact that I love the seller featured 6 times there are plenty of other shops offering similar products that could be chosen instead.

Hope you found it informative!

Right, I’m off to get a life.

Posted at 9:58am Apr 15, 2009 EDT


Excellent work! and yes, I found it very interesting.

Posted at 10:01am Apr 15, 2009 EDT

WrenWillow says

Very interesting! Thanks for taking the time to study the FP and post your findings. Food for thought for sure, and I like your attitude. :)

Posted at 10:02am Apr 15, 2009 EDT

Interesting. Thank you for taking the time to create a well-documented post. :)

Posted at 10:02am Apr 15, 2009 EDT

ClareBears says

Very interesting AMI. It's useful info and yes I agree about your point on duplication in gift guides. It's not always necessary.

Posted at 10:04am Apr 15, 2009 EDT

inRibbons says

thats commitment.

well done amy!

Now back to study :)

Posted at 10:05am Apr 15, 2009 EDT

greytlife says

Confirms that my eyes aren't playing tricks on me! :)

Posted at 10:06am Apr 15, 2009 EDT

Most interesting to read! Thanks for sharing.

Posted at 10:07am Apr 15, 2009 EDT

Interesting results, nice to see some numbers presented, will also be interesting to see how this thread progresses.....

Posted at 10:08am Apr 15, 2009 EDT

It's a bit frustering, since it's really hard to grab a spot in the gift guides. It seems to be whoever's fastest. I wonder if putting a cap on that would help.

Thanks for putting the time in to track these things.

Posted at 10:08am Apr 15, 2009 EDT