kb equals how many pixels?

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Original Post

kiamichi7 says

Trying to load clear photos... need to know equivalents.
Thanks so much!

Posted at 5:33pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT


I don't think they are equivalent...

Posted at 5:35pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT

Are you using picasa?

Posted at 5:35pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT

They aren't equivalent at all. What software are you using?

Posted at 5:37pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT

kiamichi7 says

Don't know what picasa is.

On my Mac Book Pro... photos appear in kb or MB form.

Etsy photo requirements need to be measured in pixels.

Can these two measurements be compared?


Posted at 5:38pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT

TheTinyFig says

anything under 1000x1000 pixels should be good for etsy. anything over 1200 doesn't really load or will take a long time. the display photo is about 500 pixels

Posted at 5:42pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT

Not familiar at all with macs or their software. I crop, then scale my pictures down to the 1000x1000pxl size. When I export to jpeg, my software tells me what the size of the file is. If the file seems too large I can adjust the size by making the image smaller or adjusting the quality of the image.

Posted at 5:43pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT

Oh, and the type of file (.jpg, .gif, .png) will also determine the size of the file.

Posted at 5:44pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT

You can't compare pixels to MB or KB. You need to use pixels

Posted at 5:45pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT

KB's vary depending on DPI. the higher the DPI, the more KB's. Its a combination of pixel size and DPI that determines file size

Posted at 5:46pm Apr 17, 2009 EDT