Post your new Aceos here, Collectors stop here to see new pieces of art

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Original Post

Did you know that you could have an entire art collection of original art from all over the world that will fit into a basket or box on your living room table? Your friends will love to flip through a unique and interesting collection of original watercolor or pastel paintings that reflect your artistic taste. You can also collect art photographs, prints of large art work ( in very limited editions of 25 to 50 prints) for a fraction of the cost and space needed to display them.
Right now a lot of people are starting to collect ACEOs from artists . Artists either make up trading card sized pieces of their original work , sign and date them and then offer them for sale at inexpensive prices.

They are low cost and people can collect lots of different types of art without needing a lot of exhibit space in their homes. It is very fun and creative and inexpensive. There is nothing like the thrill of getting a package in the mail with your own new art work for your collection.

Please look at this thread often to see new work as it is created.

Here are a couple of mine all have free shipping!

baby cheetah cub

Time Flies

Posted at 11:39pm Apr 22, 2009 EDT


Heads up, twest will open in about 20 min. Linda

Posted at 5:39pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

LD - aww, that cheetah cub is so darned cute! What a great photo!

Posted at 7:02pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

Thank you, she is so sweet.

Here is a new collage mixed media aceo called Sweet Cherubs. I love it.

Posted at 11:14pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

great job on the cherub LD! very sparkly!

Posted at 11:23pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

Thank you I love her look.

Heads up, the treasury will open in about 3 hours

Posted at 2:19pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT

Here is my latest painting 'Flying rat pack II'

Posted at 3:06pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT

LD...Love Parisian Rose!

Posted at 8:28am Apr 25, 2009 EDT

colorfur - love your new ones - fun!

Nice, LD - and, look! I found the new thread =) Now... if I just remember to delete the old one.... haha!

Lazyhawk - the clear thick stuff I used on the waves is either extra heavy gel medium or heavy gel medium - can't remember which I used, but both work great for that. We use it at work to put brush strokes on prints so they look like paintings. Use the heavy gel for normal brush strokes, extra heavy gel for - well, extra heavy gloppy brush strokes =)

Posted at 12:05am Apr 26, 2009 EDT